Interview with Rajeev Kapur on Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield

Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield

Steelbird Helmets recently launched handsfree Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield, which is regarded as the next-generation face shield to combat the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. The handsfree system integrated with the Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield enables you to establish connectivity with a smartphone. You will be able to manage calls, listen to music including other activities. The main purpose of the newly launched face shield is to avoid people from touching the phone and hitting their hands on the nose and mouth. The new face shield is designed to reduce contact with the surface of the smartphone by invoking handsfree functionality. The product also ships with a dedicated noise cancellation functionality and is compatible with all smartphones with the traditional headphone port. Moreover, the Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield is resistant to water via IP5 technology. We managed to talk with Steelbird CEO Rajeev Kapur to know more information about the Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield that will most likely change the way we live during the COVID-19 times.

What purpose does Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield serve?

In the present time of COVID-19 pandemic, the revolutionary IGN-1 HF face shield has inbuilt hands free functions that allows the user to take the calls without touching the mobile phone which might have many viruses on its screen and these might go inside the users body when the person touches the nose and mouth with the same fingers. Thus, Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield, minimises the risk of spread of Coronavirus.

Can Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield prevent COVID-19?

While talking about Face shields many doctors have confirmed “Our Eyes, nose and mouth and to some extent ears are the main portals for Coronavirus infiltrate the body and Except for these routes, Corona virus cannot enter in our body. With rising Cases in India, It is important to take extra precautions to avert this epidemic.” The coverage that Stelbird face shield offers is ideal since your face is covered with visors that lead to prevent your eyes, nose and mouth from CoronaVirus.

Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield

Can you share the technology used behind the Steelbird shield?

The face shield is IP5 water-resistant and because of that, it can be used in the rainy season as well. Apart from that the device comes with adjustable ear pads to suit any individual ear’s size and position and offers high-quality sound and noise cancellation through a single directional microphone. Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield is battery-less so there is no hassle of charging it, thus, one can enjoy uninterrupted music, take phone calls, and access Google Assistant. The high-quality sound, noise cancellation through a single directional microphone makes it a must-have for music lovers. It is compatible with all mobile phones.

Most face shields don’t have hands free system? Can you reveal as to why you implemented the system?

Several reports suggest that mobile phones can be one of the reasons that promote the spread of the coronavirus. Since the screen of the phone can not be sanitised as often as the phone is used, Steelbird Helmets claims that IGN-1 HF Face shield can reduce contact with the surface of the phone by making some functions handsfree. Some of the key features of the Steelbird Face shield are:

  • Protect From Unwanted Bacteria, Viruses, and Airborne Infections.
  • Long Face Shield that covers complete face
  • Anti-Scratch coated and UV printed
  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate shield
  • Auxiliary Port
  • Push Button Connect / Disconnect
  • Great Sound Quality Speaker
  • Adjustable Padding

Is it safe to attend calls and listen to music via the hands-free system while on the road and during driving?

Steelbird IGN-1 HF static face shield is not meant to be worn while riding. We suggest the rider should wear a helmet while driving. It is basically useful for Cashiers, Call centers, and all those people who have to use their phone every other minute so that they don’t have to keep touching their phones. The main motive to launch IGN-1 HF Static Face shield was to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield

Can we remove the hands-free system if not required?

Not Entirely but yes partially we can. Steelbird Face Shields have been designed according to the need and requirements of the end-users. We have launched 5 different types of face shields that are equipped with a variety of designs, features, sizes, and usage i.e. USE & THROW, STATIC FACE SHIELDS, and FACE SHIELDS WITH SOPHISTICATED FLIP-UP FUNCTION, etc and we have also launched face shields for women, children and turban wearing people.

Does the face shield add abnormal weight to our head?

No, one of the best things about this Steelbird Face shield is that it is very lightweight and doesn’t add weight to your head. Its Anti-Scratch coated, UV printed and Unbreakable Polycarbonate shields are very light weighted.

Do you plan to introduce a Bluetooth variant of the face shield?

There are many Bluetooth products available in the market. You can connect these Bluetooth devices to this Face shield to relish its feature.

We assume that Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield is completely manufactured in India. Is it true?

Yes, it is 100% manufactured in India. With our manufacturer Plant in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh we launched face shields and currently produce 15,000 units daily and have plans to expand this to over 50,000 units per day by the end of September 2020. Our range currently includes masks for the general public, kids, women and special masks for Doctors that come with an anti-fog coating as ICU temperatures are cold and require this.

Do you intend to export the shields outside India?

Yes, we are trying to export the Steelbird Face shield all across the world.

Please share the future roadmap of Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield?

It has been a big hit. We believe it has a bright future. It is very useful for the pillion riders and for those who live in places with higher pollution level. We hope to present many other new products that will be helpful for our consumers in future also.

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