VPN Guide: What It Is, Why You Need It & How To Choose Your Provider


Whether you are running a business and you need to keep things properly secured across networks, or you are simply concerned about the safety of your browsing history online, a virtual private network (VPN) might be the perfect solution for your troubles. These services are used all over the world both for business and personal purposes. Not to mention that there is also a fun side to it, but we will get to that. Let’s first see what a VPN actually is.

What Is A VPN?

As the name already says it, we are dealing with a “private network” here. What does that, however, mean for you and possibly your business? The explanation is pretty clear. Instead of connecting directly to the Internet, you connect to your VPN and then this service connects you to the rest of the World Wide Web. Think of it as of your very own, private passageway to the online world.

This private passageway uses a public network to connect remote users together and it is mostly used because it adds another layer of security to the businesses and people that are using it. Any intercepted data is encrypted, meaning that it cannot be read by anyone other than the people who are intended to read it by connecting through the VPN. This is why these services are extremely popular among businesses, but physical entities can use it too if they need that additional security layer. If you want to learn more about how these work, you can always go into the technical details of it in order to clearly understand every single thing.

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Why You Need It?

As I have already mentioned, these services can be used both for business and personal purposes. There are a lot of different reasons why people decide to get a virtual private network to use when connecting to the Internet and we are now going to take a look into some of those reasons. That way, you can decide on your own whether these services are actually right for you. So, let us quickly go through the reasons.

1. Hide Your Activity From Your ISP

Your Internet Service Provider usually has full access to your complete browsing history and that might be something you would like to avoid. Of course, avoiding it is rather simple when you have a virtual private network to work for you. VPNs allow you to hide your activity from your ISP, which makes your browsing completely anonymous and much safer than it was before. This is especially beneficial for businesses, but some private individuals can definitely take advantage of the service as well.

2. Use Public Wi-Fi Without Worrying

Everybody knows that using a public Wi-Fi carries certain risks with it. Those connections aren’t exactly safe and confidential, but we all have to use them from time to time. There might be something you need to solve ASAP when you are in a restaurant or a bar and the offered public network can be the only way to do it. If you knew what kinds of risks this actually carries, you would probably hesitate and avoid connecting.

Still, there is absolutely no need to avoid those connections while using a virtual private network. The beauty of VPNs lies in the fact that you can safely and securely connect to any public Wi-Fi without worrying that some of your data might be intercepted, or stolen. You get a completely secure connection wherever you are, which is definitely a huge deal for most people.

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3. Access All Netflix Content No Matter Where You Are

Now, here is the fun side I have been talking about. You probably already know that certain Netflix content is restricted in some countries. In fact, most countries have different libraries and the USA is the only place where all the content is unlocked and unrestricted. Whether you live outside the USA or you are planning on taking a long vacation, you can now easily access all the Netflix content without having to bump into those annoying restrictions.

All you have to do is choose your very own VPN provider and then connect to a server located in the country the library of which you would like to watch. Although this will most likely be the USA, keep in mind that the closer the server – the faster and stronger your connection will be. In any case, you will get to enjoy all the Netflix content without having to get frustrated by the message telling you that certain things are restricted in your area. You can say goodbye to all of those restrictions.

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How To Choose Your VPN?

After realizing that this is the right service for you, you will most likely start searching for VPNs right away. You definitely shouldn’t hesitate to begin your search, but the truth is that you should be careful when making your ultimate choice. Not all of the virtual private network providers you come across will be reliable and trustworthy, nor will all of their services be of great quality.

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What you need to do is read objective reviews about particular providers and their services. So, for example, before getting the services of Surfshark, make sure to read a Surfshark VPN review or two, in order to check the quality of the service and the reliability of the provider. The same goes for any other VPN you are thinking of using. This will help you understand which providers to avoid and which ones are worth giving a shot.

Keep in mind that you should read these reviews about several different providers instead of jumping on board with the first one you stumble upon. If you don’t compare their services, you won’t be able to tell the difference between great and poor VPN services and that’s exactly what you need to do. So, make sure to get properly informed and then proceed to making your ultimate decision and choosing the very best VPN that will meet your needs and requirements.

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