Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21277 To Dev Channel Windows Insiders

Windows 10

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21277 (RS_PRERELEASE) to Dev Channel Windows Insiders. The RS_PRERELEASE builds are offered as an optional update through the seeker experience in Windows Update. If you are part of the Windows Insider program, you will have to manually choose to install the RS_PRERELEASE build offering. If you had opted to install this build, then you will continue to receive the RS_PRERELEASE build. Microsoft revealed that the PRE_RELEASE builds are temporary and the Windows Insiders in the Dev channel will be migrated to this new release build during the first week of January 2021. You should note that the Dev Channel build are not matched to a specific Windows 10 release.

If you install RS_PRERELEASE build, you will be able to work with Emoji picker, redesigned touch keyboard, voice typing, theme-aware splash screens that are removed by Microsoft at the end of October. However, some of these features will be available only to a small subset of Windows Insiders.

If you opt to receive RS_PRERELEASE build, you will not be able to receive FE_RELEASE builds because your PC will be on a higher build number. However, you will be able to roll back to a previous version for up to 10 days on until you install another build.

The Windows 10 Insider preview Build 21277 has introduced x64 emulation on ARM PCs. If you work with ARM PCs, you will be able to test drive x64 emulation by installing x64 apps from the Microsoft Store. The update has added support for Unicode Emoji 12.1 and 13 versions. You will be able to work with over 200 new glyphs to Windows, which includes bubble tea, smiling face with tear, ninja, and a magic wand.

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Microsoft has introduced gender-neutral emoji design, that can be selected alongside the male or female design in the emoji panel and touch keyboard. The existing emojis have been tweaked to improve cross-platform consistency. You can work with emoji panel by pressing Windows Key + Period or Windows Key + Semicolon. Microsoft has made several improvements to the emoji search terms based on user feedback.

Microsoft has updated the animations when opening or closing a window. With the help of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21277, you will be able to make use of the integrated screen snipping experience to create a snip of the screen. You can paste the snip directly into a folder of your choice in File Explorer. The split keyboard mode is supported if you use the touch keyboard in a portrait posture on a 2-in-1 device. You can now opt to uninstall the Snipping tool via the optional features page in Settings.

Microsoft has made adjustments to improve the scaling logic of the graphs in Task manager’s performance tab. The update has updated Registry Editor in such a way that it provides support CTRL + Backspace key to delete words at a time. If you make use of the Delete key or Dismiss button in Action Center to clear notifications groups, Narrator will announce that the particular notification group has been cleared instead of moving focus to the next notification group.

The Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21277 has resolved an issue related to the error 0x80070426 when making use of the Microsoft account to sign into various apps. The update has resolved an issue pertaining to File Explorer search. If you had faced The Directory name is invalid error while trying to open a file from a saved File Explorer search, then you will not face the problem again. The issues related to File explorer search, Power option tooltips, and Microsoft Edge are also resolved.

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