Microsoft Knocks AMD’s Door To Address Xbox Series X Stock Issue

Xbox Series X

Microsoft has reportedly sought the assistant of AMD to tackle the crisis involved with the huge demand over Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. According to Xbox chief Phil Spencer, the team is working hard to meet the demands of customers. Spencer appeared on a video podcast and apprised the view that the stock shortages are temporary and will be resolved soon.

During the podcast, Spencer revealed that some people have been asking – Why didn’t the company build more? Why didn’t they start earlier and ship them before the scheduled date? He clarified that it all depends upon Physics and Engineering. The assembly lines are going on in full swing and the team is in touch with AMD.

Even though Spencer did not clarify the role of AMD in Xbox production, the reports suggest that the chip maker is involved with the development of CPU and GPU for both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. The latest development is that AMD has increased the production of the chipsets to pave ay for the rapid manufacturing of the Xbox consoles.

The fans are angry with most stocks going out with most e-commerce marketplaces. With COVID-19 at its peak, fans and gamers are not in a position to venture out and reach out to the shopping mall. Hence, they are restoring to Amazon and Walmart. There are also reports of fans making use of eBay and buying consoles are higher prices since they can’t afford to wait.

Interestingly, Sony is also facing production issues over the PlayStation 5 consoles. The current situation is that current demand of Xbox Series is high but supply is very tight due to decline in the production of chipsets by the respective manufacturers. We expect the production to increase during the first week of January. We feel that companies have reduced the overall production drastically due to holidays and COVID-19 pandemic. The industry analysts are of the opinion that the shortage of Xbox consoles will exist through April 2021.

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