Adobe Flash Support Ends After a Great Saga

Adobe Flash

Once upon a time, Macromedia Flash was a big hit. We all worked with Flash during the early 2000s and even purchased Dummies book for learning Flash animations. With changing times and technology, we have to bid adieu to Adobe Flash effective immediately.

The company has officially ended support for Adobe Flash and has recommended uninstallation with immediate effect. Adobe provided three years to pave way for users to perform required changes. In 2017, the company announced that Flash support will end by the end of 2020. With the start of 2021, Adobe will soon start to block content from running in Flash Player starting January 12. You will not receive any technical support for Adobe Flash if you continue the technology.

Even though Adobe Flash is currently non-existent, there will be no major impact among people because web browsers have started to move away from the format. Moreover, iOS device users won’t be affected by the change because Apple never supported Flash. It is to be noted that the Late Steve Jobs had openly criticized Adobe over the reliability of the Flash software including battery drain on mobile devices. Jobs also added that Adobe was painfully slow to adopt enhancements to Apple’s platforms.

Adobe Flash was heavily criticized over security vulnerabilities with PC and Mac systems. The Flash is prone to malware and other associated security risks, which made countless number of updates from Microsoft and Apple. Adobe has suggested all users remove Flash to protect their systems because of the non-availability of the updates. Microsoft had brought Silverlight as an alternative to Adobe Flash.

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