Microsoft Launches Azure Quantum Public Preview

Azure Quantum

Microsoft has announced the public preview of the Azure Quantum platform. The Azure Quantum is a cloud-based platform for making use of quantum hardware. It also uses software tools developed by Honeywell Quantum Solutions, IonQ, 1QBit, and others. The company revealed that anyone with an interest in quantum computing can immediately experiment with the new service.

Commenting on the development, Krysta Svore, GM, Microsoft Quantum revealed that the transition to Azure Quantum public preview is an important milestone for quantum computing and ecosystem. Svore added that National Quantum Initiative Quantum Research Centers will be upgraded with hardware in scaling control circuitry for qubits.

Azure Quantum Pricing

Microsoft is also working to establish partnerships with other players in the segment. Microsoft claims that the company offers the world’s first full-stack, public cloud ecosystem for quantum solutions.

Azure Quantum is the most innovative quantum computing and optimization solutions under a single marketplace quantum service. The platform is an open ecosystem, which enables you to access a wide range of diverse quantum software, hardware including solution s developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Azure Quantum is a trusted, scalable and secure platform, which will continue to adapt to the rapidly evolving quantum future. The platform comes with Quantum impact today with pre-defined solutions that usually run on classical and accelerated compute resources.

Microsoft Azure Quantum Platform provides a small free allowance to enable users to get started. The intention is to provide an option for the users to test drive the service. The charge per compute hour is $10 and the company has released a detailed price list. The platform can be extended with the help of Quantum Development Kit and Q# language including the Quantum Intermediate representation language based on LLVM.

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