3 Types of Portable Fans & Their Uses for Home

Portable Fans

When summer hits the world, everyone does something to beat the heat they are experiencing. Some go to the beach, enjoy it a little, but it is not always possible for some people. But everyone might not be able to buy a single air conditioner unit for cooling their house. Fortunately, there is a much cheaper option for cooling down your place. Fans! To reduce the heat inside the house and survive the hot season, you must select the right electric fan to achieve the cooling you want.

Portable Fans
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Portable fans are an ideal way to keep your home and yourself comfortable when it comes to the warmer times of the year. They are cheaper to purchase and maintain as well as perform well in various conditions, unlike other home cooling methods. You will find various portable fans available in the market. Each portable fan type is suited for different applications. To help you, we have highlighted the various styles of portable fans in this article.

Table Fans

Table fans are common and a well-preferred choice for most people, after ceiling fans. You can either place it on the table or even on the floor as table fans just need a firm, sturdy base. In size, they are lightweight, easy to use, and super portable.

Table fans are also electrically operated and have a motor unit running inside them. Many people use table fans, considering their economic benefits, ease of use, and durability.

One of the greatest benefits of these fans is that they come with gadget control. Since the design and technological features are continuously being upgraded for these fans, they seem to deliver improved comfort. Several fan companies make high-speed table fans with their own, separate remote-controlled devices today. This role allows users to regulate the direction and velocity of the air as needed. Brands like Luminous offer Speed Pro table fans that will leave you spell bound. It is your ultimate companion when you need a secondary cooling appliance. It is of compact size yet incredible power.

Pedestal Fans

These portable fans are better recognized for their cooling capabilities and improved flexibility. Pedestal fans are electric, oscillating fans, functioning with the aid of a detachable stand that can be modified according to your requirements.

Pedestal fans are also commonly known as ‘stand fans,’ as they are tall, structure-wise. They are manufactured with an inbuilt oscillation mechanism that contributes significantly to deliver optimum air distribution and circulation. They are also super light and compact, meaning they can be quickly carried around and switched on by plugging the switch into the socket, unlike ceiling fans.

Another great benefit of pedestal fans is that they are multi-functional. Most contemporary pedestal fans come with a remote-control mechanism that allows you to control the airspeed and direction while sitting in one position. One of the most popular pedestal fan is Luminous Speed Pro Pedestal Fan. This fan will leave you comfortable with efficient cooling and smooth oscillation. You can get cool air at the remotest corners of your room or balcony. You can explore their website and select a pedestal fan from the wide range of cool colours and super premium finish.

Wall Fans

Wall-mounted fans come to your ultimate rescue when floor space is a concern! These are intended for compact and narrow spaces with a very low or high ceiling and do not consist of complicated wiring either.

For small offices, auditoriums, massive party rooms, as well as warehouses, wall-mounted fans are perfect. Compared to regular ceiling fans, they also have a very different operation and functioning system. 

The top three advantages associated with such portable fans are: they save a lot of floor space, they pave the way for rapid evaporative air movement, and finally, air conditioning is greatly improved by these fans.

The oscillation, perfect size, lightweight, and durability, along with the fan’s multiple speed settings are a few common features of wall mounted fans. Get unmatched fusion of Indian engineering and modern designs with Luminous Mojo Plus Wall Fans. They assure Hi-Speed performance and superior air delivery. 

These portable fans are thus perfect to beat the heat during the summer season. Reputed and trusted brands like Luminous offer a wide range of portable fans, from table fans to wall mount fans. You can check out their website and choose portable fans according to your needs. Along with their advanced features, these portable fans are also aesthetic looking that will also amp up the décor of your home.

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