Microsoft Launches Speller100 With AI Support and 100 Languages


Microsoft has announced Speller100 with the ability to check spelling in 100+ languages. The Speller100 is a new AI-enabled tool, which automatically correct spelling in over 100 languages. The purpose of the tool is to make the Bing search engine not only inclusive but also efficient for worldwide users.

According to Redmond-based software giant, nearly 15% of searches are misspelled that direct affects the quality of the search results. Even though Bing had supported spell check for over dozen languages, the technology failed to work for those languages with little web presence. The company has expanded the Bing spelling correction capabilities in such a way that to provide support for more than 100 languages.

Microsoft revealed that researchers have also deployed a complex problem-solving technique named zero-shot learning. The model is developed to fix errors while eliminating the need for additional language-centric labeled data for the purpose of training. Moreover, Microsoft has developed a wide range of language family-based models to enhance performance.

According to Microsoft, the new Speller100 tool is capable of delivering results by reducing the total number of pages by up to 30 percent during A/B testing on Bing. The total number of people who have clicked on the spelling suggestion has climbed from 8 to 67 percent. Going forward, the Speller100 tool will be deployed with other Microsoft products. We can also expect Speller100 to integrate with Windows 10 so that you can perform search operations effortelessly.

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