Professionals work hours have increased post COVID-19, reveals survey

Work From Home

With the COVID-19 took the IT industry to its worst-ever crisis, nearly half of professional’s work hours have significantly increased. The survey was conducted by Blind with nearly 2000 professionals. According to the Blind survey, work from home employees has been saying that they are swamped. The employees are staying online for a long time with more meetings and emails than ever before.

A Microsoft professional who works in data asked Blind whether working hours increased or decreased during WFH compared to during Work From Office. Nearly 49% of IT professional’s work hours have increased significantly during WFH. According to reports, 70 percent of Adobe and 60 percent of Lyft professional’s work hours have increased significantly during WFH. The Blind survey indicates that 19 percent of work hours have increased during WFH. However, 23 percent of Captial One and 30 percent of Goldman Sachs professionals have reported that their work hours have decreased drastically during WFH.¬†Part of the problem of why hours have decreased could be down to experiencing IT issues, and so this has highlighted the importance of being able to reach out to managed IT services. Even those that saw their hours increase, particularly those who are IT professionals themselves, could find themselves reliant on other IT services as additional support for their own clients.

A Microsoft professional took to Blind and shared that for many people including himself productivity increased dramatically for the first few months. After that, it was followed by burnout/lockdown fatigue and total loss in productivity. A professional who works with Apple revealed that he used to shut my brain off from work the second he stepped through his front door. His office is now located upstairs and he is able to work until bedtime.

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Commenting on the post-COVID-19 situation, a Netflix engineer disclosed that the problem is not with Work From Home but with cooking lunch, looking after kids, and others. People expect me to provide tech support 24×7 and I simply can’t sign off and wrap up the day, reveals a data professional at Dell.

It is to be noted that remote work has become a reality and professionals have been coping with interruptions at home and also be extending the workday. The COVID-19 vaccination has been going on full spree and professionals could return to the workplace by the middle of 2021. Moreover, schools and colleges have also been shut down since 2020 and students will reach the campuses only if they are vaccinated. It’s a long process and we have to wait for the next 12 months to have some solution for the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

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