Facebook Showcases AR-based Wrist Wearable Technology

Facebook AR

Facebook has demonstrated a new AR-based Wrist Wearable technology that will reshape the way you deal with life in the future. According to reports, the social media giant is currently working on AR-based technologies at its dedicated Facebook reality Labs facility. This is in addition to the development of a Clubhouse-clone and Instagram for kids. The company has also established a partnership with Ray-Ban to develop an AR Glass.

The upcoming rumored wrist-based AI technology enables users to interact with AR-based computer user interfaces in the real world. If you are unaware, the company is working on the development of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) technologies. Facebook had shared its 10-year vision for the development of contextually-aware and AI-powered interface for the upcoming AR glasses.

The wristband depends upon electromyography (EMG) technology to translate electrical motor nerve signals into digital commands. The device makes use of the various onboard sensors to automatically detect the motor nerve signals originating from the brain to the hand of a user. If placed on the wrist, the wrist wearable device can automatically decode a motor nerve signal even before it reaches the fingers of the user. The device is capable of responding to precise finger movements.

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According to Facebook sources, the new wrist wearable technology will provide support for simple pinch and tapping gestures of the fingers. The EMR technology will provide support for richer controls in AR interfaces. You will be able to actually touch and move virtual objects and User Interfaces. Facebook is also working on a feedback system for the new HCI technology. This will enable advanced haptic responses, which allow users to feel the virtual UIs and objects.

The possibilities of the new wrist wearable technology are immense and Facebook intends to develop the technology further. Going forward, we require new technologies that will reshape next-generation products. Moreover, the upcoming technologies should be developed in such a way to simplify the user interaction to a great extent.

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