Introducing Windows 10 Simplified

Windows 10 Simplified

No doubt, Windows 10 is a popular operating system across the world. Windows 10 is popular because it’s easy to use and work with without any basic training. However, you have to know the basic concepts of Windows 10 before working with the platform. If you had worked with Windows 7 or Windows 8, then you can directly work. There are people who still don’t know the steps required to work with Windows 10. This includes beginners, students, and senior citizens.

In my state Kerala, Government teaches Linux at school level, which will cause difficulty for those students who work with Windows 10 after passing out from the school. You have to learn Windows 10 if you apply for jobs because the majority of workplaces still make use of the Windows operating system. The retired people who would like to work with Windows 10 are forced to attend private coaching classes, which is not feasible during these pandemic times.

Windows 10 Simplified

Hence, I have authored Windows 10 Simplified book in partnership with Blogchatter, which teaches each and every aspect of Windows 10 in a detailed way. The book is not an exhaustive guide but you will be able to learn the basic things required to work with Windows 10.

Windows 10 Simplified teaches all the core aspects of Windows 10 operating system. The book will be useful for beginners and students who would like to learn Windows 10 without attending a computer center during these tough pandemic times. The aim of Windows 10 Simplified book is to enable students and learners to grasp the concepts easily.

Windows 10 Simplified

Windows 10 Simplified is a perfect study material for those who would like to learn the nuances of Windows 10 without any assistance. The book is supplemented with plenty of images and box shots, which enable you to learn additional content. The book will also be useful for senior citizens, who would like to learn Windows 10 concepts safely inside their homes.

If you would like to learn Windows 10 without attending a coaching center, then you should checkout Windows 10 Simplified book. You can learn the various concepts at your own pace and schedule. You can also ask doubts via email provided inside the book and I will try to answer them.

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