A Busy Person’s Guide to Maintaining a Company Website

Company Website

If you happen to be a diligent business owner with the desire to expand your enterprise anytime soon, you will undoubtedly be one incredibly busy individual.

Running a company is hard enough at the best of times, and since there are so many facets of the business to concern yourself with, it can be easy to start feeling overwhelmed.

One such area worth your consideration is the company website, your digital storefront in which many potential customers will interact with your brand for the very first time.

Here is a short guide for the busiest among you, who hope to maintain their website to the best of their ability.

Outsource Your IT Support

An entire IT department can be financially inconceivable for smaller businesses, especially in the early days of their journey.

A great alternative to an in-house IT department is to outsource your support to a specialized company. You might want to take a look at Pronto Marketing for a fantastic example of what to expect from an expert service.

If you were solely responsible for your company website, this a great way to not only free up time throughout your daily schedule but to rest easy in the knowledge that your digital presence is being nurtured in the way that it deserves.

Utilize Online Tools

Seeking out new customers or topics to cover on the website’s blog can be extremely time-consuming, but thankfully, there are some great online tools to help you with this.

Implementing Google Alerts can be a superb way to make sure that you do not miss out on any important events or posts regarding your specific field of work. You can set your own parameters to make sure that you get the right notifications.

Similarly, tools like Feedly are great for those of you who need to research current events on a regular basis in order to write content but lack the time. It essentially works as a concise and tailor-made news feed.

Encourage Guest Bloggers

Guest blogging can be a wonderful marketing tool that generally benefits all parties involved. By encouraging them to write for your company website, you might be able to save yourself a great deal of time on writing high-quality content yourself.

This can be a cost-effective method of extending your website’s reach, building links between other businesses, and clearing up your diary.

Hire a Full-Time Website Manager

Running a company website can be a full-time job, so if you can afford it, why not hire for the position, rather than sacrifice time you could better direct elsewhere?

There are many benefits that a great website manager can bring you, and it might help your company’s digital presence expand sooner rather than later.

For example, a website manager is not just responsible for updating the pages every now and then. In many instances, they can help you come up with an entire strategy for boosting your brand and increasing site traffic.

It is certainly worth your consideration if you are able to adopt a long-term outlook while relishing the chance to take some responsibility off your plate.

Anand Narayanaswamy is the editor-in-chief of Netans. He was recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 9 years (2002 to 2011) and again as a Microsoft MVP in Surface under Windows and Devices in January 2024. He worked as a Chief Technical Editor with ASPAlliance and was part of ASPInsider program. Anand has published several articles and reviews related to various software and hardware products for various software and technology related websites. He is also active on social media and also participates as an Influencer for various brands. Anand can be reached at admin@netans.com

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