5 Marketing Tips for Start-up Entrepreneurs

5 Marketing Tips

Starting a business from scratch is not easy, and almost every entrepreneur begins with limited cash and more problems than solutions. Luckily, thanks to the internet and the emergence of digital marketing, just about anyone can attract attention for their brand if they have the right strategy. What’s even better is that many of the digital marketing tactics do not cost much to deploy but can have a big impact on a company’s growth. The trick is to know where to focus your energy, as there as so many different options to consider and plenty of ways to waste your time if you are not smart about it. If you are an entrepreneur who has recently started their own business, here are five great marketing tips to keep in mind.


To land on a successful marketing strategy, it is often necessary to run experiments with several different tactics. Each business is unique, and it can take time to work out how and where to find your audience, so take a Google Ads course, write some blog posts, share content on social media, and send some email newsletters. Analyze what is bringing you the most success (which is likely to be a combination of techniques) and invest your resources there.

Focus on your target market

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that the whole world is their target market, and they end up trying to sell to everyone. In reality, brands have more success when they understand exactly who their customer is, where they spend their time, and the kind of advertising that they respond to. Some market research may be necessary to discover your target customer and to get to know their concerns, interests, and needs. When you know what someone is looking for, you can sell more effectively to them.

Engage with your audience on social media

One of the key pieces of information you will need from market research is which social media platforms your customers tend to use. When you know where they spend their time, you can craft content and adverts to share with them, start conversations and engage with influential people. Building up a social media presence can take time; once your brand is well established, though, it can be hugely effective as a marketing tool.

Create high-quality content

You may have heard the term content marketing. Creating high-quality content like blogs, infographics, research studies, articles, imagery, etc., does not cost much besides time, and sharing it on your website and social media channels can deliver a significant return. When people engage with what you are creating, you will increase traffic to your website, increase your social media following, and maximize your audience. The more awareness, authority, and trust you can build around your brand, the easier it will be to sell your products or service.

Listen to your customers

Social media and online review platforms have made it easier than ever for customers to share their experiences, whether negative or positive. Positive testimonials can be incredibly powerful marketing tools when shared on your website and social media, but negative reviews also play a part in your growth. By listening to and responding to criticism, you can improve your service and show customers that their opinion is valued.

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