Microsoft Pushes Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22449 To Dev Channel Windows Insiders

Windows 11 Insider Preview 22449

Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows 11 Insider Preview 22449 to the Dev Channel. The build number is higher than the Windows 11 preview builds that you have been receiving. The main reason is because of the fact that Dev Channel moved back to receive builds from the active development branch RS_PRERELEASE. The builds pushed to the Dev Channel no longer match the Windows 11 experience that will be released to customers on October 5.

According to Microsoft, the Windows 11 Insider Preview 22449 are from the early stage in a new development cycle with the latest Work in Progress from the engineers and researchers. The builds are not always stable and there could be problems while flighting the Dev Channel. You should also note that new features and OS enhancements could be included in upcoming Windows releases when they are ready. It could be delivered either as full OS updates or servicing releases.

The Windows 11 Insider Preview 22449 has introduced SMB compression in Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11. The advantage of SMB compression is that administrators, user or application can request compression of files as they transfer over the network.

The process removes the need to deflate a file manually with an application, copy it and then inflate on the destination PC. The benefit of compressed files is that it consumes less network bandwidth and less data transfer time. Microsoft claims that this will result in slightly increase processor usage. The Windows 11 Insider Preview 22449 update no longer use the decision algorithm by default. If compression is requested, then there will be an attempt to compress.

The Windows 11 Insider Preview 22449 has made significant changes and improvements. The boot screen displays a progressive ring animation for loading the OS instead of an animated circle of dots. Microsoft is working to replace the animated circle of dots on other areas of the OS over time.

To open Bluetooth & Devices page in settings, you can right click on the Bluetooth in Quick Settings and selecting Settings. The update added a link to the touch keyboard personalization settings from Typing | Touch Keyboard to help improve discoverability. The updated animation used in the notification introduces you to Windows Hello.

Microsoft has updated the dialog when closing Windows Sandbox in such a way that it has rounded visuals. The update has adjusted the design of notification center to make the app names more visibly separated from the notifications.

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