Microsoft Launches All Starts Now Windows 11 Ad Campaign

Windows 11

With just few days left for the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has ups the ante by launching an ad campaign for Windows 11. The main purpose of the Windows 11 ad campaign is to educate and motivate people to try Windows 11. The video highlights the main features of Windows 11 including Microsoft Teams. Microsoft believes that Windows 11 ad campaign will raise awareness and excitement around Windows 11.

The ad has been set to the music of the new single “All Starts Now” by Odessa, which features Tim Myers. The Windows 11 ad campaign follows it shero as she explores the visually stunning new Windows, new Microsoft Store, gaming with Xbox’s Master Chief, Windows 11 widgets and chatting with friends via Microsoft Teams on the cloud. The ad represents the seamless experiences that Windows 11 brings to your desktop.

Windows 11 brings in several new features such as improved Start menu, refreshed User Interface, enhanced User Experience, refreshed Settings panel, Microsoft Teams integration and much more. Microsoft also announced Android support including support for Android apps. However, Microsoft is yet to launch the feature. The Redmond-based software giant is currently gearing up to launch Windows 11 for the General public on October 5. Even though tech enthusiasts have been asking the company to release the product on 11/11, the company is adamant of an early release. That said, you can expect new features and improvements based on the Windows Insider feedback.

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