Top Five Best Online Learning Platforms

Top Five Best Online Learning Platforms

With the rapid spike in the COVID-19 cases across the world, students are staying indoors and learning from the comforts of their home with the help of best online learning platforms. The companies are working hard to add more training courses to their ever-growing catalogue. It is to be noted that companies like Pluralsight have either acquired existing startups or ramped up their infrastructure via strategic funding. Going forward, you can expect rapid growth of online learning platforms because the COVID-19 pandemic is going to stay here for long time until all people are vaccinated and acquired immunity. In this article, we will examine the top five best online learning platforms that you can depend upon during these tough pandemic times.


Udemy offers a broad selection of over 155,000+ online video courses with new additions every month. The team adds several new and interesting Learn in-demand skills. You can pick the Udemy courses that are taught by real-world experts. With Udemy, you can learn at your own pace with lifetime access of mobile and desktop. You can search for courses just by typing the relevant keyword. You can also hover your mouse over Categories link and select relevant topics. The courses listed under the specific categories are displayed. Udemy also offers free courses from time to time. You can should follow them on social media platforms to grab the free offers. You can also scroll down the homepage and select the course according to your interests. Udemy provides an ability to preview the sample lessons for each course. This will help you to decide whether the course is relevant to you.


Coursera is a popular best online learning platform on the web and is famous among college students. Generally, students complete several Coursera courses during the yearly vacation in the US. With the help of Coursera, you can take the next step in the career with a world class learning experience. The company collaborate with 200+ leading universities and companies to deliver courses. You can join a wide range of courses starting from Information technology, Business Analytics, graphic Design, Python, Data Science and much more without any prior experience. You should note that employers in the US accept Coursera certificates for jobs and hence even 12th grade students intern with leading companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and much more. Coursera offers breakthrough pricing on 100% online degrees from top universities. Coursera also offers free online courses from the World’s top universities and companies. According to an internal study conducted by Coursera, nearly 89% of learners who have taken a course report career benefit.


Pluralsight is a leading provider of best online learning platforms. The technology teams know more and work better together with Pluralsight. You can develop the required skills that are required for your top priorities including the ability to improve workflows with actionable data. If you are not sure about the topics and technologies that you should focus, you can refer to the Technology Index, which ranks 850+ technologies by their relative popularity. The dedicated Pluralsight Lab enable learners to experience hands-on practice in a provisioned cloud environment in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. You can prepare your team for certification exams with authored content and practice exams prepared by experienced educators. Pluralsight contains courses on all categories including advanced topics. You can also view ratings provided by learners and decide whether to proceed with the course or not.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is the best online learning platforms, which can be accessed from within the LinkedIn platform. The courses are developed by experts in the respective field. The LinkedIn Learning offers subjects and courses for every step of your career. The courses are prepared by reputed instructors with real-world experience. You can pick from over 17000 courses and learning paths. LinkedIn regularly updates the content with fresh courses. You can earn certificates that can be added to your LinkedIn profile. You can experience either short videos or in-depth comprehensive courses depending upon your requirements. LinkedIn offers one-year free trial followed by monthly and annual packages. The annual package is priced less than monthly plan.


Udacity enable learners to discover the latest and most effective way to gain real world expertise for the careers. The latest digital skills are within reach with Udacity. The curriculum is designed with top-tier industry partners and not academics. This is to facilitate users to learn the high-impact skills that top companies lookout for.

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You will learn via real-world projects and other hands-on exercises that would lead to real skills mastery. The self-paced learning can be accessed anytime. You can Graduate while learning part-time for 10 hours per week. With Udacity, students can approach mentors 24×7 and get all doubts resolved quickly. The Nanodegree programs designed by Udacity are built in partnership with the world’s most innovative tech companies and taught by industry leaders.


The COVID-19 pandemic has given great opportunities for companies to expand their online course offerings. Moreover, educators are also making use of YouTube to impart education. The recent story of a 5th grade student girl in Thiruvananthapuram over the creation of educational videos on YouTube after attending online classes shows the change in the education environment. Going forward, we can’t ignore the online platforms and should create an equal avenue for both offline and online education. The main advantage of online learning is that lessons can be accessed several times, while it’s not possible in offline mode.

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