AOMEI Announces Windows 11 Giveaway Ahead of Public Release

AOMEI Windows 11 Update Giveaway

Microsoft is gearing up to launch Windows 11 to General Public on October 5. However, before proceeding to upgrade to Windows 11, you should undertake few steps for a smooth installation. AOMEI, a popular software products company has announced freebies ahead of the Windows 11 public release. The software tools will be useful for those users who would like to capture backup and get the system ready before the arrival of Windows 11.

According to company sources, Windows 11 is upcoming and you should be fully ready to update. As part of the AOMEI Windows 11 Giveaway, you will be able to avail system optimization and backup tool to solve Windows 11 update related problems before and after the system update.

The AOMEI Windows 11 Giveaway landing page is divided into three sections such as Before the Update, Cannot Update and After the Update. Let’s examine the freebies under each section.

The first step before proceeding to Windows 11 upgrade is to backup your computer completely. You should backup all the files such as AOMEI Backupper Standard before the installation of Windows 11 to prevent any data loss after the update. You should burn Windows 11 ISO to USB to install via USB drive and you can download the free tool from the AOMEI Windows 11 Giveaway landing page. You can also test whether your PC is capable of running Windows 11 using the tool provided by AOMEI.

AOMEI also provides the required tools using which you can solve problems associated with Windows 11 installation. You should note that PC running MBR cannot update. Hence, you should covert MBR to GPT to enable UEFI boot mode and secure boot for Windows 11 upgrade using the tool provided by AOMEI. You should also create Windows 11 system backup image and restore it to any PC with dissimilar hardware installed using AOMEI Backupper.

AOMEI also provides the steps required to be taken after performing Windows 11 update. You can roll back to Windows 10 in case of accidental update failure using AOMEI Backupper. You can recover deleted or lost partitions including the associated data on the partitions easily and successfully.

AOMEI Windows 11 Update Giveaway

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