New Merch Ideas for Fall and Winter


Many businesses should invest in merch as part of their marketing campaign, but as the seasons change, so do the products that people need and want to use.

As we are moving into fall and winter, it is time to get a little more creative with the items you use to promote your business. This article will give you some ideas on some of the best merch you can design for your company.

“Let people drink from your brand”


It is a classic, but it is a classic for a reason. Mugs are the ultimate product when it comes to fall and winter, as how else are people going to keep warm? They need somewhere to put their hot drinks, whether that be the extra coffee they need to get though a darkening fall day or a hot chocolate treat to banish some of the winter blues – mugs are a perfect choice when it comes to merchandise. Do not be afraid to get creative either, as long as your logo is clear and present.

Beanie Hats

Beanie hats are a great essential as we move into fall and winter, since many of us like to keep our ears warm! Another great thing about choosing these as a merch product is that they are really customizable, yet they hold their signature shape which plenty of hat lovers enjoy. You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and prints. You can even choose embroidered beanies! Just do not forget to have your logo or your brand on there. It is also important to note that you should use quality materials and make sure the hat has a good basic fit – you do not want people associating your brand with the word ‘cheap’. To do this, make sure you use a reputable company to make your beanie hats!

Hand Warmers

We all know that one person who is always cold in the office, let alone those who like to pile on three jumpers to go outside as soon as the weather turns – sometimes you really just do feel that cold. This is why hand warmers are a great piece of kit. They can be inexpensive, reusable, and if they are branded, they show the name of the company who is saving them from frosty fingers. You can also use them wherever you go, which means they can get excellent exposure.

“Health is a priority right now”

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are here to stay, just like COVID is, and we all know how prone we are to getting colds and flu when the colder seasons start. So, if there is ever a time to use hand sanitizer more frequently, it is now. Because of the new boom in the industry, you can get your hands on all different kinds of formulas and scents to give you an edge, and they are even cheap enough to hand out as freebies, while looking after everyone’s health. It is a win- win.

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