Browser Password Recovery Pro 2021 Review: Awesome Lightweight Tool

Browser Password Recovery Pro

We browse several websites every day and almost 99% of them require users to login using their credentials. If you are not a member of a particular site, you will have to register to access their benefits. You have to input the credentials every time you attempt to access that particular website. Imagine, you forgot the password and you haven’t noted it anywhere. There can be cases where you had noted the password on a notebook but you lost it. It could be some mission critical information, which you urgently require. You will be in a tricky situation with sleepless nights because of this problem. Is there any solution to resolve this issue? Yes. You now have handy recovery tools such as XenArmor Browser Password Recovery Pro 2021, which can fetch all the lost passwords within seconds. We recently tested the tool in detail. In this review, we will examine the features and usage of XenArmor Browser Password Recovery Pro 2021 in detail.

XenArmor Browser Password Recovery Pro 2021 Features

The XenArmor Browser Password Recovery Pro 2021 is an Enterprise software tool, which enables you to instantly recover lost or forgotten passwords from all major browsers on your computer. The tool is capable of detecting and decrypting passwords from secret password store location of each supported browsers. You will be able to view complete details like Browser, Website URL, Username and Password. Moreover, the tool discovers and help users to remove all stored passwords. This is important to protect important login passwords from being stolen by hackers, ransomware and password stealers.

The XenArmor Browser Password Recovery Pro 2021 provides support from recovering passwords from all major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge (old & new), Opera, Apple Safari, Brave, Maxthon, UC Browser, Vivaldi and much more. You should note that Enterprise Edition provides support for recovering passwords from all major web browsers including the above ones.

The main advantage of Browser Password Recovery Pro 2021 is its ability to instantly recover all your website login passwords from over 60+ browsers. The company has integrated advanced smart password engine, which recovers several passwords. The software tool provides support for both 32-bit and 64-bit browsers including the ability to recover password of any length. The product automatically locates and decrypts password from profile location of each browser including Firefox, Chrome, Seamonkey, and much more. The program will protect your passwords from hackers and ransomwares by removing stored passwords from web browsers. Moreover, you can generate detailed password report in HTML, CSV, XML, JSON and SQLite formats. The embedded command-line version enables you to integrate the Browser Password Recovery Pro inside your scripts and programs.

Let’s get started

To work with Browser Password Recovery Pro 2021, you should double click the desktop icon labelled – XenArmor Browser Password Pro – Trial Version. The company provides 7 days trial version, which you can use to understand the functioning and UI of the application. You will view a screen as shown below

Browser Password Recovery Pro

The UI is very simple and it displays the fetched information clearly. There are no complicated elements. To recover passwords, you just need to click on the “Recover Passwords” button. Alternatively, you can also press F5 key to recover passwords. The Browser Password Recovery Pro will display the recovered passwords along with other related information as shown below.

Browser Password Recovery Pro

You should note that the trial version will only display first two alphabets of the passwords. You have to purchase a license to view full password. We would appreciate if the company can provide full functionality with the 7-day trial version. However, the company is currently offering 80% discount and hence the retail price is just $19.95.

You can also configure custom profile paths by selecting Settings button.

Browser Password Recovery Pro

You can generate report in HTML, CSV, XML, JSON and SQLite formats by selecting Report button. You will have to provide the path and select the relevant extension to save the report. However, the Report button will be active only after your record the password.


The Browser Password Recovery Pro 2021 is an excellent tool using which you can retrieve lost passwords not only during an emergency situation but also on a regular basis for the purpose of auditing. It’s a great way to fetch passwords instead of writing passwords on paper or notebook, which are liable to lost. We live in an Internet world and hence the world of passwords will give you both happiness and sadness. This tool is to help you to fetch all the lost passwords including encrypted ones to bring back the happiness on your face. The software is simple to download and work with no unwanted options. You just need to hit the button and the software does the rest of the job. The company also provides excellent technical support via email. The product team has created a detailed user manual including a companion video to help beginners. We highly recommend Browser Password Recovery Pro if you would like to retrieve crucial browser passwords.

Browser Password Recovery Pro

Browser Password Recovery Pro

Easy to use


    Fast recovery engine


      Ability to export data


        Comprehensive documentation


          Excellent technical support





              • Quick Installation
              • Powerful password recovery
              • Digs deep into web browser
              • Quick Export
              • Detailed user manual
              • Fast support
              • Affordable


              • Limited functionality in Trial version

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