SwifDoo PDF 2.0 Review: Awesome Document Management Tool

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

With ebooks and digital magazines becoming new normal, you need to manage PDF files with the help of tools like SwifDoo PDF. This is because majority of the digital book products are available in PDF format. Sometimes, you need to convert the PDF files to another format for editing purposes without losing quality. The SwifDoo PDF does all the heavy work behind the conversions including splitting and compression. In this review, we will examine the features and working of SwifDoo PDF 2.0 in detail.

SwifDoo PDF Features

SwifDoo PDF enables users to create, convert, merge, compress and sign PDF documents with minimum effort. You can add or delete text to and from the PDFs including the ability to modify font sizes and colors. The intuitive design tool also enables you to insert links or images to PDFs. The PDF document can be converted to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and vice versa. You can also convert CAD to PDF. The PDF compression module integrated with SwifDoo PDF is optimized for file size without quality loss.

The SwifDoo PDF offers three different image qualities such as high, medium, and basic. You can separate PDF documents into individual pages or documents. Moreover, you can merge different PDF documents into a single PDF not only to save space but also to easily archive digital files. The SwifDoo PDF includes a free e-signature tool using which you can send legally valid signatures for a simplified workflow. You can annotate PDF documents for effective communication with the sender or recipient.

The SwifDoo PDF works lightweight in terms of system resources. The tool only consumes 10 MB disk space and loads faster. The company has designed the UI in Microsoft Office format to enable users to work faster. The PDF software guarantees PDF security with two-level password protection, differentiated permissions, and by incorporating legally binding electronic signatures. You need not have to worry about data leaks.


The SwifDoo PDF can be installed easily. You need to register to avail the benefits of trial package. You can experience the complete features for 30 days with free technical support. The company offers budget-friendly deals after the end of the trial period.

Let’s Get Started

To work with SwifDoo PDF, you should double-click on the icon located on the desktop. You should provide your username and password on the displayed dialog to activate your trial version. If you closed the dialog, you can reopen by clicking on the email icon located on the top right-hand side. The software license will automatically update if you purchase the license with the same email ID that you used to register for the trial version. You will view a dashboard as shown below.

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SwifDoo PDF 2.0

The first step is to open a PDF file so that we can work on the various functions. You can either click on Edit PDF icon or Open option located under Recent Files. The SwifDoo PDF will display the content along with several Toolbar options.

Editing Content

To edit the content, you just need to select Edit icon from the Toolbar.

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

The application will automatically inject placeholders for editing content across the file as shown below. You just need to select the content and add text. The toolbar will change and display font and formatting options.

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

If the PDF file is long, then you will have to scroll down and modify content as you wish. The software will be useful for users without access to Microsoft Word. The content can be saved by hitting Ctrl+S on your keyboard.


You can convert PDF file to various file formats with the help of SwifDoo PDF. The dashboard display options to convert to Word, Image. However, if you open a PDF file and then click on “Convert” option from the toolbar, you will be able to view a wide range of file formats.

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

If you select PDF to Word option from the dashboard, you will view a dialog box and you have to add the relevant PDF file by selecting Add Files button.

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

Alternatively, if you select option a PDF file and select Convert option, you can select PDF to Word option. The same dialog, as shown above, will be displayed but it will be populated with the relevant PDF file name. You need not have to add the PDF file manually by selecting Add Files button.

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

You can choose the Output format extension and the Output Path from the dialog. The converted Word file will be placed on the current directory of the document. You can also select a path manually by selecting “Select Path” button. The final step is to select Start button and SwifDoo PDF will display the progress bar under Status column. You will have to wait until the app displays Completed.

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

The converted Word file will open automatically after the completion of the conversion process. We verified the converted Word file and found it very effective. We are unable to see any loss of quality and you will view the content in same structure as your PDF file. We are really impressed by this feature.

We also converted the PDF file to Excel and the process is same as shown above. It’s just that you have to select PDF to Excel option from the Toolbar.

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SwifDoo PDF 2.0

The tool also enables users to convert PDF to PowerPoint. You will have to modify the font size etc after conversion using PowerPoint. SwifDoo PDF also provides an option to convert PDF to Image which converts your PDF file pages into separate image files. You can then distribute the images as per your requirements. You have to select “Open” option under Operation column after conversion.

You can also convert PDF to HTML with the help of SwifDoo PDF by retaining the same quality. A preview of the converted HTML file will be displayed. You can use this HTML file for uploading to your server.

Convert Images to PDF

The SwifDoo PDF enables users to convert images to PDF. This option is available on the dialog and you have to add files inside the dialog.

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

The application displays a preview of the generated PDF file and you can even edit the PDF by adding content.

Merging PDF files

You can easily merge multiple PDF files by selecting the “PDF Merge” option from the dashboard.

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

You have to add the PDF files that need to be merged by selecting “Add Files” button from the displayed dialog. The screen after adding the PDF file will look like as shown below

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

To merge multiple PDF files, you have to select Start button. The Status will change to Completed and you can view the merged files from the default path. The content will be merged separated by pages. If there are two files, the first file content will occupy page 1 and the second page data will be placed in page 2. The merging process is comparatively fast and you will not find competing products with identical functionality.

The SwifDoo PDF also includes PDF split functionality using which you can create separate multiple files from a single file. You can provide page range and split options such as Split Evenly, Split Every x Pages, and Custom Split.

Compressing PDF files

If you have a large PDF file, you can reduce its size using PDF Compression module. This is a handy tool because files with small size will be suitable for transferring via email and cloud storage services. The tool dynamically displays the capacity of the compressed PDF file.

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

We compressed a PDF file with 3445KB (3.36MB) and the SwiftDoo PDF compressed it to 2494KB (2.5MB), which is indeed great. The compression process works slower and hence you need to wait until the tool displays relevant icons on the Operation column.

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

Encrypting PDF file

SwiftDoo PDF comes with an integrated encryption module using which you can password protect a PDF file. This feature will be useful while dealing with confidential documents. You have to select PDF Encryption option from the dialog and add the relevant PDF file. If you select Start button, you will view a dialog where you have to provide the relevant password.

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SwifDoo PDF 2.0

The SwiftDoo PDF application also includes conversion history, where you can view a detailed history of the work you have done with the tool. The interesting point to note is that you can directly open the file or folder from the history dialog. We would appreciate if the company could integrate additional color skins so that we can change the look and feel of the UI.

The company publishes detailed articles on their official blog related to document creation and sharing including content about the various PDF tools. These articles will be useful for users. We would appreciate if the company provides free version with limited features so that it will help beginners.

The company provides 7 and 30 days free trial with access to features. While other products are available in trimmed trial format, SwifDoo has done great work by offering access to all features even in trial mode. The software will continue to work even after 30 days trial with limited capabilities. You can purchase license either for $8 per month or only $41.40 per year.


The PDF format has become standard for document sharing worldwide. In the WFH environment, you require tools to edit and extract content from PDF files for various purposes. Sometimes, you will need to extract content from images and as such you will have to convert image files to PDF. You require handy access to the relevant tool using which you can manage PDF files. SwifDoo PDF does all the hard work behind the complex conversions of PDF files to Word and Excel including merging, splitting, and compression of files. You can also convert images to PDF format. The UI is simple to use and there are no complex controls. We found from our testing process that SwifDoo PDF enhances your productivity to a large extent since it simplifies complex PDF conversions without losing quality. The product is highly worth for the price. We highly recommend SwifDoo PDF for all your PDF management tasks.

SwifDoo PDF 2.0

Free Trial/$8 per month/$41.4 per year
SwifDoo PDF 2.0

Simple Installation


    Plenty of features


      Easy editing


        Perfect conversion


          Fast processing engine


            Ability to compress and encrypt files


              Excellent documentation




                  Updated Blog


                    Fast technical support



                      • Easy to use
                      • Quick conversion
                      • Ability to compress files
                      • Simple learning curve
                      • Elegant User Interface
                      • Compression module
                      • Conversion history
                      • Excellent technical support
                      • 30 day complete trial
                      • Affordable packages


                      • Lack of mobile support

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