Kodi Review: Better Media Management

Kodi Dashboard

Nowadays, we live in a smart world and hence apps like Kodi is of great importance and relevance. The traditional Television sets are being replaced by smart TVs. The advantage of using smart TV is that you can play movies, videos, and music from the Internet. If you visit an electronics shop, you will find a wide range of smart TV sets, which you can consider for purchase based on the features and specifications. Even though you can use smart TVs as such, it will be nice to make use of software tools like Kodi for media management. In this review, we will examine the usefulness of Kodi.

Kodi is capable of playing all kinds of media files with support for all file formats, playlists, party mixes, and much more. The app brings all your movie collections to life with the help of artwork, cast, genres, and much more. The program is perfect for binge watching or the irregular catchup of your favourite show. The program will keep all your media files organized. Moreover, the tool can be used to share all your photos on the big screen with a personal slideshow. The media management app[ can be used to watch and record live TV shows from an easy-to-use interface.

The program works with several popular backends including NextPVR, Tvheadend, MediaPortal, and MythTV. In addition to music entertainment, Kodi can also be used to play games from a wide range of emulators. You can even play a stand-alone game ith extensive support for game controllers. Kodi is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, macOS, iOS, and tvOS operating platforms.

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We are unable to download Kodi Windows app and hence checkout Android app for the purpose of this review. You need to search for Kodi app on Google Play Store. The app will load horizontally and not vertical.

Kodi Dashboard

The library will be empty initially. You have to load Kodi with the relevant video source by selecting “Enter files section.


Kodi app displays several options but we are unable to select any videos from the smartphone. Moreover, you need TV tuner card to access certain features. The Kodi app will be useful for advanced smart users.

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Easy installation


    Nice features


      Not usable for beginners



        • Simple to install
        • Advanced features
        • Not for beginners


        • Some module won't work
        • Unable to load internal media files

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