VoiceBrigade Review: Voice Enabled Audio Made Easy


Voices have become an integral part of our daily lives and software tools such as VoiceBrigade can’t be avoided at any cost. You have to deal with voices if you are a YouTuber, educator, podcaster, and other activities. Nowadays, digital marketers are throwing away useful products on a weekly basis via various affiliate marketing portals. We recently came across a product named VoiceBrigade, which automatically converts your text script into audio files. Will VoiceBrigade drive productivity? Let’s examine.


You need not have to perform any installation to work with VoiceBrigade. The entire tool runs on the cloud. The developer will provide access details immediately after the purchase. You can also access the information from the purchase portal.

Working with VoiceBrigade

To work with VoiceBrigade, you should login to the access area and the following dashboard will be displayed


As you can view, the user interface is designed in a simple way. You will be able to perform all the work right from the dashboard. You can select language, title, engine, voice including text parameters. The standard edition comes with select male and female voices. You will have to upgrade to use more voices.

You can select emphasis, say-as, rate/pitch/volume, and advanced effects. You should provide the required content up to 700 characters. You can also select output volume and speaking rate as per your requirement.

The VoiceBrigade also enables users to preview the first 50 words. The preview functionality will be helpful if you need to make modifications to the settings.

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If you are satisfied with the preview, you can save the audio by selecting Synthesize to File button. The produced audio file will appear under My TTS Files section. You should note that even if you delete a TTS audio file, the prescribed character limit will not change. Hence, you should synthesize the content to audio only if you intend to use them on your projects.

We observed that the synthesization process was quick and the final output was rendered quickly. You can download the audio file by selecting the relevant icon under Actions column. The file will be downloaded and you can use it with your screen recording application.


The Text-to-Speech is the only working module in VoiceBridage. The modules like Sound Studio, Unlimited, DFY Voice-over Agency, Video Creator, and reseller will not work with the standard version. The Search Articles module will not work with the standard version.

We would appreciate if the product creator throws open more credits because the 5000 characters limit is insufficient for podcasters. Moreover, the app will not give back the used characters even if you delete the audio file. The processing engine works fast but the upgrade will cost you money. The VoiceBridage will be useful if you live in a noisy environment and are unable to record audio files either for YouTube video purposes or podcasting. The vendor is offering 30 day money-back guarantee and hence you can try without worries.

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