3 Things That Your Remote Team Will Love

Remote Team

So much of the working world has become remote, whether in a full capacity or some sort of hybrid form. Though many jobs can never be done from home, lots of office-based roles are being revamped with a remote-leaning focus.

This makes a lot of sense as it’s cheaper for both employees and businesses in many ways. Not to mention the fact that many teams prefer it due to the work/life balance it provides. With remote working on the rise, you likely manage a team, or members of your team, that are completely remote.

Though there are many benefits to this way of working, there are some struggles too. Here are three things that can make their work life much easier.

A Virtual Desktop

A virtual desktop allows your remote workers to do so much of the work they would normally do in the office, right from the comfort of their own home. It could be argued that, without virtual desktops being available in the first place, many job roles wouldn’t have gone remote at all.

There are many services that office workers will be so used to using, that it will be hard for them to imagine their daily work day without them. Though there are other ways to provide these services in a remote form for those working from home, a virtual desktop is certainly one of the easiest.

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Joint Calendars

Working from home provides a much better level of flexibility than being in an office. With this flexibility though, comes the struggle to get all members of the team in one place or one meeting.

This is where a shared calendar app can come in handy. These allow staff to sync up their calendars and see who is doing what. When you can see where everyone is at what time, it’s so much easier to find space for those all-important team meetings.

Scheduled Breaks

A major downside of working from home is the fact that work life and home life often bleed into one if you’re not careful. This means that you may find your staff working into their lunch break or out of hours.

While this may be necessary sometimes, when deadlines are due or big projects are coming up, you don’t want them to make a habit of it.

Having semi-enforced, scheduled breaks means that you know your staff are taking the much-needed downtime that they need to be able to perform as best they can. No one wants their team to suffer from burnout but the signs are so much harder to see when not sitting at the same desk together.

Making sure that your team members are taking breaks is vital for their overall work and personal health. Whether you’re at home or in an office, time away from the screen is so important.

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