Twitter to hand over mass pink slips today amidst Elon Musk acquisition

Twitter Mass Layoffs

Twitter is all set to hand over mass pink slips starting Friday. Ever since Tesla founder Elon Musk took over the reins of Twitter, there were rumors on the wild about imminent handing over of mass pink slips. According to reports, Twitter is expected to approve mass pink slips for over 3500+ employees, which is 50% of the workforce. There is a possibility that Twitter will shut down certain regions, especially India, where working is hard due to new IT regulations.

The company has already emailed memo stating that they will receive an email with the subject “Your Role at Twitter” by 9 PST (16.00 GMT) on Friday. The timing roughly translates to 9 PM India time. It remains to be seen whether Indian workforce will be affected. There are reports that all offices will be temporarily closed and employee badge access will be suspended. The main reason for doing this is to ensure safety of employees including Twitter systems and customer data.

The email sent to all employees added that the management needs to go through the difficult process of reducing our global workforce on Friday in an effort to place twitter on a healthy plan. Elon’s leadership team is slashing costs by conducting mass layoffs. The employees will receive respective mass pink slips email by 9 AM California time on November 4 about whether they will continue or not. Musk has demanded deep cost cuts and imposed an aggressive 12-hour work culture across the social media company. With all senior staff members booting out from the micro-blogging platform, it’s the turn of workers spread across advertising, marketing, and human resource departments. We also expect several software engineers getting pink slips on Friday.

Information to Employees

According to Twitter, workers who are not affected by the current round of layoffs will be notified via their company email. The affected employees will be informed of the news and the upcoming steps through their personal accounts on file. The email will probably appreciate their contributions to Twitter. The revelation will take place via email because of the nature of the distributed workforce. Moreover, Twitter intends to inform impacted individuals immediately because they can prepare for another career of their choice.

Amount of Twitter Layoffs

The US media reports that Musk is gearing up to slash over 3700 jobs, which is 50% of their overall workforce. Previously, Musk had informed senior managers to prepare list of employees who are less productive and liable for termination on their teams. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao also added that a slimmer workforce will reap benefits and he approved handing over of pink slips. Moreover, he also accused previous management for rolling out new features slowly despite huge workforce. If you are unaware, Binance had invested in Twitter after Elon Musk announcement.

Rewinding Back

Musk’s first decision after the Twitter takeover is imposition of $8 for all verified accounts. The accounts with blue check-mark will carry $8 with extra value-added benefits. such as greater visibility and fewer adverts He declined to reverse the decision. Moreover, Musk appointed Chennai native Sriram Krishan to handle the tasks associated with the new Twitter features. Musk is critical that new features should roll out in a time-bound manner. Meanwhile, Brandon Borrman who served as Twitter’s head of global communications questioned the feasibility of asking payment for verified accounts.

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