Nasa’s Artemis-1 Moon mission to launch on Wednesday

Artemis-1 Moon mission

NASA is scheduled to launch the powerful 322-foot Artemis-1 Moon mission at 11.34 AM IST on November 16, 2022, from Launchpad 39B at Cape Canaveral. The launch was postponed several times and the mission management team had a meeting and gave approval for the ultimate launch. The launch time could vary depending upon the vehicle and weather conditions.

The Artemis-1 rocket measures 322-foot and is one the most powerful and large rocket ever built by NASA. The aim of the US space agency is to put astronauts on board the rocket in 2024. The ambitious mission is programmed to lift off at 11.34 AM after a two-hour launch window countdown amidst tropical storm Nicole. The Artemis-1 mission comprises of the Space Launch System and Orion Spacecraft.

According to NASA, the team conducted a detailed analysis associated with caulk on Orion’s launch abort system that became loose during Hurricane Nicole. NASA engineers are still studying several feet of delaminated caulk. The engineers also removed and replaced an electrical connector component on the Hydrogen tail service mast umbilical ground-side plate. However, they are able to view inconsistent data provided via the connector despite replacing the cable to the connector.

As of this writing, all issues have been rectified and there is nothing that prevents NASA from attempting a launch. The wind never exceeded the design limits of the rocket when Hurricane Nicole hit Florida. However, the rocket was in place when the hurricane hit and we will know exact status of the vehicle only during the launch countdown.

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The engineers will surely check each and every parameter before finalizing the launch vehicle. The rocket includes a crew capsule with three test dummies on board the 322-foot rocket. To recall, the previous launch attempts of Artemis-1 mission were aborted due to fuel leaks followed by returning the rocket to the assembling building due to Hurricane Ian.

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