Google’s Bard AI Demo Fails to Meet Expectations, Triggers $100 Billion Loss

Bard AI

Google unveiled the much-anticipated Bard AI after the initial announcement from Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the Google Presents event in Paris. The joy was short-lived since Alphabet lost a whooping $100 Billion in market value because of an incorrect answer. Touted as Google’s answer to Microsoft ChatGPT, the Bard AI delivered inaccurate information lie during the presentation.

Google removed the live event proceedings soon after the end of the event. However, tech enthusiasts pointed out the mistake via screenshots they captured during the live event. The damage has already been done by then and Alphabet lost $100 billion. The shares tumbled to a new low and went below 100 mark. The company stock ended the day at $99.99, which is very low in recent times.

Google presents saw the release of several new AI-enabled products. While delivering the live demo of Bard AI, the chatbot responded that James Webb Space Telescope aka JWST used to snap pictures of a planet outside the Milky Way but this is not true. The actual query was “What to tell a 9-year-old about new discoveries from the JWST?”.

According to Google, the chatbot is developed to simplify complex topics. It looks like Google has rushed to showcase something in a bid to compete with the rival Microsoft’s ChatGPT. The development of AI systems takes a long time to take shape. Technically, AI can’t replace traditional jobs.

Even though ChatGPT can provide content quickly, nothing comes close to manual writing. However, AI can help in gathering ideas and also to perform other related tasks. The issue of inaccurate information, fake/biased data, and plagiarism remain. What will happen if you copy the entire AI content to your blog and Google tags it as plagiarized? Microsoft has announced that they will address all the issues when the Bing AI rolls out to end users.

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In all probability, the Bard AI will officially launch during the upcoming Google I/O 2023 event in May 2023. Microsoft has started to accept people to test drive their ChatGPT-enabled Bing AI via a waitlisting system. You can work with samples provided by Microsoft. We expect Microsoft to roll out ChatGPT-enabled Bing within 2 months before google pushes Bard AI.

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