OpenAI Unveils GPT-4, the Next Generation of Language Models


OpenAI has announced the release of the much-awaited GPT-4, which is designed to solve complex problems with enhanced accuracy. According to the creators, the new GPT-4 ships with broader general knowledge and problem-solving abilities. The company revealed that the new refined GPT version includes several capabilities that are not made available in the previous iterations. The technology can sense the images that are being uploaded by the users.

Even though GPT-4 is now available, you will be disappointed because you will have to burn $20 per month to experience the new features. OpenAI GPT-4 is only available to ChatGPT Plus users. The previous claim of a Microsoft Germany executive has been found to be false since there is no visible video creation support. An OpenAI employee tweeted that the new feature means the AI could “see” and hence the new system is not available for free.

If you are unaware, the GPT-4 is a large multimodal model, which accepts image and text inputs. The system will show human-level performance on several professional and academic benchmarks. Moreover, the newly released version scored more than 10% of test takers when compared with the previous counterpart.

There will be no difference between the two versions in standard queries. You will realize the real difference when the overall task complexity reaches a sufficient threshold. You should note that the new version is designed to work in a more reliable and creative way with the ability to handle nuanced instructions.

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How to work with GPT-4?

The new GPT-4 will only be available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers with a usage cap. OpenAI will adjust the exact usage cap based on the demand and system performance. The system will scale up and optimize over the upcoming months. The company also disclosed that they are considering adding a new subscription level for enhanced GPT-4 usage. The team is also considering possibility to provide limited resources of the new version for free users.

Microsoft has invested heavily in ChatGPT and has integrated GPT-4 with its Bing AI. The software giant disclosed that they have already embedded GPT-4 into Bing AI and is available now. Windows 11 search suggestions also display “Chat with the new bing” message today as part of the official launch.


It remains to be seen how many people will invest in ChatGPT Plus costing $20 per month. In normal work scenarios, there will be no major difference in the results. We expect that GPT-4 will be useful only for advanced users.

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