Microsoft Takes Down Acropalypse Bug: Protects Millions of Windows Users Privacy

Acropalypse Bug

Microsoft has issued an emergency patch to resolve the dangerous acropalypse bug. The bug could enable data and information cropped out of images via the Windows screenshot tool. Microsoft has now issued an OOB (out-of-band or emergency) update that resolves the issue with CVE-2023-28303 technical designation.

The Redmond-based software giant revealed that users should apply the fix immediately to avoid possible security vulnerabilities. To install the update, you should navigate to the Microsoft Store, select the Library icon on the left and select Get Updates option.

The acropalypse bug implies that images and screenshots cropped via the Windows 11 Snipping Tool and the Snip and Sketch tool included with Windows 10 could be compromised. The CVE-2023-28303 security vulnerability means that cropped parts of a JPEG or PNG image are not properly removed from the file after it’s saved again.

The cropped sections include highly sensitive information such as bank account information or medical records. You should note that the application of the patch will not fix any files that are already cropped. Microsoft quickly addressed the issue and this is a step in the right direction. Google also had to resolve n identical bug in Pixel devices recently.

Snipping Tool is a great tool, which is bundled with Windows 11. You will be able to capture screenshots using the tool. Microsoft added video recording capability recently. It’s a small tool but very effective for beginners. YOu will be able to capture the screen without installing any third-party apps.

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