Elon Musk Means Business: Twitter imposes massive changes to legacy verified accounts

Elon Musk

Twitter has announced that they are discontinuing the legacy verified accounts program. The company will remove legacy verified checkmarks on April 1. The Elon Musk-owned company took to Twitter and revealed that individuals can register for Twitter Blue by paying the relevant amount either monthly or yearly. This will help them retain the Twitter Blue checkmark on Twitter. If an individual hasn’t paid for Twitter Blue subscription service, then the relevant user will be able to use the Twitter account without leveraging the full features of Twitter Blue. You can subscribe to Twitter Blue by paying $7 per month in the US and INR 650 per month.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk added that any individual person’s Twitter account affiliated with a verified organization is automatically verified. The concerned organization/institution will have to pay a fixed amount which is fixed at $1000 per month. If you are part of a verified organization, you can sign up to receive an invitation.

Twitter Verified Organizations provide an ability for businesses, non-profits, and government institutions to register and manage their verification. Twitter will provide a gold checkmark and square avatar for business or non-profit organizations. If the concered individual is part of a Governmental or multilateral organization, then Get checkmark and circular avatar will be provided.

An organization can choose to affiliate any individual or entity and they will receive a Blue, Gold or grey checkmark including an affiliate badge. If the relevant badge is clicked, then individual will view the official webpage of the affiliated organization.

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A Twitter Verified Organizations subscription is priced at $1000 per month including applicable taxes in the US. Twitter charges $50 per month for each additional affiliate in the US. The pricing for India region is not yet available. The pricing will vary depending upon the region and are subject to change.

Twitter changes to polls

Elon Musk also disclosed that only verified accounts will be eligible to be in For You recommendations starting April 15. He added that this is the only realistic way to address advanced AI bot swarms taking over. Moreover, if you need to vote in polls, then it required verification after April 15.

Going forward, you can expect several changes that will be dedicated only to Twitter Blue users. We expect that by the end of 2023, all unverified Twitter users will only have the ability to post simple tweets and other features will be isolated for Twitter Blue subscribers. There could be possible cap on the total number of images and videos that are uploaded by users who are not Twitter Verified.

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