Google Bard AI Review: Emerging Productivity Tool

Google Bard AI

After ChatGPT disrupted the world, Google announced that they will launch their own AI platform named Bard AI. The interesting fact is that both Microsoft Bing AI and Bard AI were launched simultaneously. However, Google announced that they will launch Bard AI via their own Language model instead of OpenAI dependency. Google revealed that Bard AI will be lighter and provide accurate responses including the ability to perform several tasks. In this article, we will review the user interface and working of Bard AI.


Google Bard AI doesn’t require any installation and the whole platform runs on the cloud. Google has created its own language model with thousands of servers working in tandem. Bard is backed by a large language model, which generates text, write creative content including answering questions in an informational way. Google has launched Bard AI only in the US and the UK. We are in India. If you are wondering how we got access to Bard AI, then you have to consider a free VPN.

With iTop VPN, you will be able to protect privacy to a large extent. The company maintains several servers in various locations including US. We selected a US location and applied for the Bard AI waitlist. It will take one week for Google to process and approve the request. You will receive an email when Google approves the Bard AI waitlist application. You will be able to work with Google Bard AI after you login via the selected VPN location. iTop VPN is currently available at a great discount. Stay tuned for our comprehensive review of iTop VPN. In the meantime, be sure to checkout our review of iTop Screen Recorder, which is one of the best free screen recorders.

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Working with Bard AI

To work with Google Bard AI, you have to navigate to the official Bard AI page, which is You should make sure to switch over to VPN since Bard is not yet available in India. You will view Bard AI dashboard as shown below

Bard AI

The user interface is simple and easy to use. Google provides helpful hints so that you can get start with the AI chatbot quickly. You can also provide a prompt inside the textbox. You can also make use of the microphone to provide prompts in the form of speech.

We asked Bard AI to write a 100-word article on digital marketing. The chatbot provided the results in 200 words. However, you will get the content for your usage. You can then either publish the content on your blog or create a video using the preferred tool.

Bard AI

You should note that Bard is under Experimental mode and it could throw incorrect or insufficient answers. For example, when we asked Bard to write about domain registration, the system returned the following result.

Bard AI

Bard AI can also write a detailed script for the creation of YouTube videos. The chatbot also provides relevant Intro and Outro for videos.

Google Bard AI provides the ability to generate source codes for programming languages based on the prompt. The chatbot also provides small description regarding the source doe. Unlike ChatGPT and Bing AI, the Bard AI throws all answers in one go instead of word-by-word output.

The Bard AI activity dashboard displays a complete list of prompts. You will not be able to fetch answers from the prompts but you can know what things you asked Bard.

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Bard AI

You can also delete Bard activity by selecting the Delete button. You can pick a timeline for deletion as shown below.

Bard AI

Bard will ask you to confirm the deletion request. If you select Delete button, then all activities will be deleted immediately. Going forward, we expect Google to let users access answers from the Activity page like ChatGPT.

Google also provides a list of FAQs where you can learn more about the conversational AI technology powered by Language Model for Dialogue Applications aks LaMDA. You can also reset chat and Bard displays a new chat page.

Bard AI

Goole Bard provides an ability for the users to file feedback based on the responses. To file feedback, you should select the down thumb icon labeled “Bad response”.

Bard AI

You will now view options with a text field to provide the required feedback. You can also select a relevant category under which the feedback is filed. You can provide feedback regarding the content produced by Bard AI.

Bard AI

Google will improve Bard based on your replies. You will not see the difference immediately but the language model will be trained accordingly.

You can extend the Bard dashboard by selecting the three horizontal lines located on the top left side. You can also access help topics by selecting Help & support option.


Google Bard AI is an emerging chatbot, which has the ability to deliver quality answers for a wide range of prompts. The AI chatbot can also perform tough calculations including programming tasks. Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently revealed that the company will upgrade Bard to make it better than OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Going forward, you can expect several enhancements to Bard AI. Stay tuned with Netans for updates.

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Google Bard AI

Google Bard AI

Simple to use


    Easy user interface


      Automated answers


        Query history


          Ability to provide feedback


            Continuous Improvement





                • Easy to use
                • SImple user interface
                • Integrated Feedback system
                • Access query history
                • Provides answers in a lot
                • Scope for improvements
                • Secured
                • Reliable


                • Limited Availability
                • Answers history not available

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