Hubhopper Review: Making Podcasts Accessible to Everyone

Hubhopper for Android

No doubt, Podcasts convey messages in a meaningful way. You can listen to them anytime irrespective of the location. Do you want to create a podcast using your smartphone? You can now easily create advanced podcats with the help of Hubhopper for Android. We recently played with Hubhopper for Android. Does it provide any value? Let’s check it out.

About Hubhopper

Hubhopper is developed in India by Indian developers. Google has featured Hubhopper for Android tagged as Inspiring apps made in India. Hubhopper is a free podcast creation and discovery platform. You can create, host and distribute podcasts to over 35+ listening platforms. You can search for podcasts separated under various categories.


To install Hubhopper for Android, you should download the app from Google Play Store. The installation process takes only 30 seconds and it depends upon the speed of your device.

Working with Hubhopper for Android

You can either work with Hubhopper directly after the installation or by tapping the icon. You will view a dashboard as shown below. We noticed that Hubhopper is an advanced version of a free podcast app, which we reviewed previously.

Hubhopper for Android

You can search for podcasts and episodes from the home screen. The company highlights the best resources and top podcasts in India. You can simply scroll down the home screen to view the content. Towards the end of the screen, you will view a list of all categories.

Creating podcasts

To create a new podcast, you should select the big + icon located at the bottom of the dashboard. You will view a screen as shown below

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You should tap on the Record option to start recording new podcasts. The app prompts you can record 60 minutes of podcasts. A screen as shown below will be displayed after you finish the recording process.

You can edit podcasts directly from your smartphone. There is no need to make use of any third-party audio editing tools. Hubhopper app includes all the required resources for the creation and delivery of podcasts.

Editing podcasts

The relevant podcast will appear on the Hubhopper dashboard. If you tap on the three vertical dots, you will be able to view options for editing audio. The big advantage of Hubhopper app is that you can add background music from a wide collection of royalty-free stock audio files available on the app.


If you tap on the right side icon located adjacent to + icon, you will view My Hub page. You should sign in to publish and distribute the podcast. The app prompts you to create new podcast after you sign in. The company offers Pro version with additional features such as scheduling, no watermarks, and much more. ‘

You can add episodes to your podcast by selecting the recently added podcast. We observed few lags while adding episodes to the podcast. We are unable to view option to add a new episode after we select Podcasts. However, the options will open only upon repeated tries. We are also unable to view any option to share podcasts. We hope the company will resolve these issues in the upcoming updates.


Hubhopper is a capable app, which enables you to create and distribute podcasts. You can also listen to a wide range of podcasts curated under various categories. Even though there are minor issues with the app, the Make in India Hubhopper is a capable and refreshing podcast creation app. The user interface looks immersive and loads fast. We expect the product team to push updates regularly with new features.

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Simple to use


    Perfect dashboard


      Easy postcast creation


        Fast loading


          Ability to search podcasts


            Useful searchable content


              Sharing Ability


                Make in India



                  • Easy installation
                  • Simple to work
                  • Intutive dashboard
                  • Fast loading
                  • Easy podcast creation
                  • Curated content
                  • Free to use


                  • Lags
                  • Inability to share content

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