iTop VPN Review: Lightweight Privacy Protector

iTop VPN

Privacy is an important factor, which you need to consider while working on the web. You need to private atmosphere to work effectively. Hence, you should make use of free privacy software tools such as iTop VPN. A Virtual Private Server aka VPN acts as a shield between your computer and the web. With the help of iTop VPN, you will be able to establish connectivity securely and privately. We have been playing with iTop VPN for several days. Does it meet the expectations? Let’s check it out.


You can install iTop VPN easily by downloading the relevant executable file. The time required to install the free VPN app depends upon your system configuration. The concept is that you will have to pick a location of your choice and your activities on the web will be protected.

Working with iTop VPN

To work with iTop VPN, you will have to either double the desktop icon or search for the app name from the Windows 11 search box. You will view the below screenshot.

iTop VPN

The left side displays several navigation options. If you select All Servers option, you will be able to view the list of countries where iTop maintain Virtual Private Servers.

iTop VPN

iTop suggests servers and you can view them by selecting Recommended option. You will be able to establish connectivity by selecting Connect button.

The iTop VPN also ships with dedicated servers that can be used for downloading, streaming, social and gaming activities. You can manage the VPN privacy by selecting Privacy Protection option. You will view a screen as shown below.

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iTop VPN

You can establish connectivity with the VPN from the Home page. You have to select the Connect circle on the dashboard. You will be connected based on the selected location. You can modify the location by selecting Change button. We recently managed to access Google Bard AI from India with the help of iTop VPN smoothly. You should note that Bard AI is not available in India.

Managing Settings

You can change the various parameters by selecting the Settings option after clicking the three horizontal lines. The following screen will be displayed

iTop VPN

If you are a beginner user of free VPN apps, you need not have to change any settings. You can enable/disable iTop VPN Mini, change protocols, and much more. You can also auto-connect to the VPN server upon Windows 11 booting. You can navigate each option to checkout its functionality.

iTop VPN also comes with mini version, where a bar is placed on your desktop. You can enable/disable VPN anytime as per your requirements. Initially, the app will display Not Connected. If you drag the slider, then iTop VPN establishes connectivity.

iTop VPN Mini

You can expand iTop VPN Mini by selecting the arrow mark. You will be able to view the progress.


Privacy is a major factor in the always-on-mode computer world. With iTop VPN, you can hide your location and work privately. The free VPN software solution is easy to use and only includes minimum features. The app also includes Mini version, which enables you to establish connectivity at anytime directly from your desktop. We recently reviewed Google Bard AI using iTop VPN. We highly recommend iTop VPN if you are on the lookout for a cheap and premium VPN service. The company is currently throwing away exciting offers, which is available only if you purchase via our link.

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iTop VPN

iTop VPN

Easy to install


    Simple user interface


      Fast connectivity


        Plenty of locations


          Mini version


            Excellent technical support



              • Simple to use
              • Intuitive dashboard
              • Stable connectivity
              • Several locations
              • Mini version available
              • Regular updates


              • iTop VPN Mini should be vertical

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