ScreenPal Review: Is it a satisfactory screen recording app?


Videos have taken over regular content post-COVID-19 pandemic. Nowadays, you can easily create short demos for e-learning purposes easily with the help of the various screen recording apps we covered previously. ScreenPal includes several new features and capabilities in addition to integrated cloud storage. In this review, we will examine the working of ScreenPal. Previously called Screencast-O-Matic,


With the help of ScreenPal, you can create screencast videos easily. You can capture the screen contents with and without webcam. You can also make use of the integrated narration to customize the captured videos. You can add overlays in addition to video, text, shapes, and images. The videos can be enhanced with animations, green screen effects, and automated captions. You can capture the screen and mark with arrows, text, highlights, and much more. A shareable link can also be generated quickly. You can also explore stock library comprising images, videos, and music tracks. You can also make use of the Chrome extension to improve productivity.

Working with ScreenPal

To work with ScreenPal free version, you should select Sign up, it’s Free button from the home page. You will view a page as shown below.


You can either provide email address or make use of Google authentication. You will be prompted to provide answers to few questions and a dashboard will be displayed as shown below.


You can capture screenshots, record and edit videos using the options on the top. However, you will have to download the desktop app. You have to perform the installation of the app by following the instructions displayed on the screen. The next step is to open the ScreenPal app from the Start menu. You will also locate the icon from the “Show hidden icons” overflow panel.

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To capture screenshot, you should select Take Screenshot icon and drag the region you would like to snap screenshots. The relevant image will be saved inside the folder. You can edit the image after snapping the screenshot. The ScreenPal Image Editor will appear as shown below


You can blur a region, add arrows, shapes and highlight images using the options available on the image editor. You can also copy the image, export the image or upload the image to your ScreenPal account.

Capturing Videos

You can capture videos by selecting Launch Recorder option. You will view a screen as shown below.


The ScreenPal free version will be able to capture only up to 15 minutes. You can specify the region by selecting the appropriate size. You can also specify a suitable size. You should press REC button to start recording the screen. You can manage settings by selecting “Recorder Preferences“.


ScreenPal is an advanced free video capturing software using which you can capture/edit screenshots and videos. You can either save the captured images on your PC or upload to ScreenPal cloud. You have full freedom to capture videos including specifying your own dimensions. If you had worked with any free screen recording apps in the past, then you will find some kind of difficulty to adapt with the user interface. However, once you work continuously with the ScreenPal app, then you will not face any difficulty. If you would like to know the answer to the title question, then you should note that ScreenPal is indeed a satisfactory screen recording app that you can bank upon.

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Easy to install


    Simple to use


      Screenshot capture


        Video recording


          Simplified video editing


            Cloud storage



              • Simple installation
              • Easy screenshot capture
              • Simple video recording
              • Video editing capabilities
              • Cloud storage


              • None

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