WhatsApp Pink Scam: You’ve Been Warned

WhatsApp Pink Scam

WhatsApp Pink Scam is here and you have been warned. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform but is equally responsible for causing distress because of a growing number of scammers and hackers. These people throw in malicious content and links. If you click on them, then you will be tricked. The end result will be harmful resulting from loss of data to financial loss. WhatsApp Pink Scam is here to harm you.

WhatsApp Pink Scam Elements

The new WhatsApp Pink Scam comprises an embedded link in a forwarded WhatsApp message. The scan works by urging users to download an exclusive new WhatsApp version. The new version is codenamed WhatsApp Pink, which promises to provide a pink hue. Moreover, the message will attract you by saying that the new version will offer additional features that the standard version lacks.

If you install the app, you will not be able to view any immediate changes and the app works without any harm. However, the app installed via WhatsApp Pink Scam is primarily designed to steal your personal data such as your contact number, and financial information including accessing OTPs. The app will also steal your contact list, gallery, SMS messages, and much more. All these things will happen without your knowledge.

WhatsApp Pink Scam Origin

Interestingly, the WhatsApp Pink Scam first surfaced in 2021 when security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia took to Twitter and revealed information. The whole tech world was stunned. According to reports, a vast majority of WhatsApp users have already fallen victim to this nasty scam.

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The latest development is that Mumbai police had sounded Red alert and advised Android users to uninstall WhatsApp in case they had installed the app via the messaging platform. The installed WhatsApp Pink Scam app will not appear inside the app list. You should navigate to device settings and uninstall it. The police officials also urged people to backup the device date and perform a complete factory reset. YOu can install WhatsApp directly from the Google Play Store after that.

How to Avoid WhatsApp Pink Scam?

  • Always install apps from known and trusted sources
  • Never install apps via APK files from third-party websites
  • Always install apps via Google Play Store.

You should share the information about WhatsApp Pink Scam among your friends and relatives. Your word will protect their devices as well. Moreover, you can also share your posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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