Microsoft AI Skills Initiative Course Launched For This Price: Deets Inside

Microsoft AI Skills Initiative

Microsoft has announced a Microsoft AI Skills Initiative training course in partnership with LinkedIn. The main purpose of the course is to enable people and communities around the world to learn the nuances of AI in a meaningful way. The new initiative is part of the Microsoft AI Skills Initiative program and includes free coursework developed associated with LinkedIn. According to World Economic Forum, AI skills represent the third-highest priority for companies training strategies including analytical and creative thinking capabilities. The Microsoft AI Skills Initiative Course will be available for free until 2025 to educate people about the basics, Pros and Cons associated with the AI.

With the help of the free generative AI skill training course, you will be able to learn fundamental concepts of AI including responsible AI frameworks. The course will be useful for students and graduates because they can upgrade their skills easily for free. The Microsoft AI Skills Initiative free coursework provides the first Professional Certificate on Generative AI in the online learning market. The course is also part of a new open global grant challenge in partnership with to offer new ways of generative AI training.

According to Microsoft’s recent Work Trend Index, AI is poised to throw new opportunities and change the way we deal with computers on a daily basis. Nearly 62% of people revealed that they are struggling to find new information on a daily basis.

While 70% of respondents feel that they are keen to delegate work to AI to lessen workloads, 49% of people are deeply worried that AI could replace their jobs. The new AI Skills Initiative training program will help people around the world to bridge the digital divide and stay ahead of emerging skills. Moreover, students can take advantage of new skills at their own convenience while undergoing their regular courses.

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Microsoft has partnered with LinkedIn Learning to launch the first Professional Certificate on generative AI in the online learning market. The course is currently available in English but the company is planning to launch the course in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese in the near future. The Microsoft AI Skills Initiative course comprises 5 sections and will be available for free through 2025.

Microsoft will also launch a trainer toolkit for teachers and trainers to provide skilling resources and training to local communities. The toolkit will also include downloadable byte-sized content for trainers including a new AI course created for educators by Microsoft Education. The company will also launch Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge to learn essential AI skills with Microsoft products and services starting July 17. Why not you join Microsoft Skills Course Initiative today to enhance your skills?

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