Microsoft Pushes Dark Mode to Bing Chat

Dark Mode BIng Chat

Microsoft has rolled out Dark mode for Bing Chat. According to company sources, the Dark Mode in Bing Chat will not only make browsing easier but also soothes your eyes and enhances battery life. The Dark Mode functionality works in both Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise in your desktop browser. This feature is already available in the Bing mobile app. You should note that Dark mode also changes the appearance of the search page on the Bing home page.

You can change and Bing Chat to Dark Mode easily. You just need to select the Bing menu (four horizontal lines) located in the upper right corner of the screen. You will find “Dark” under “Appearance” section. You have to select the option. You can also revert back to Light mode if required. The Dark Mode is also available on Google Chrome. However, Bing Chat is currently available only on Microsoft Edge. We expect Microsoft to roll out Bi9ng Chat on Google Chrome soon.

The Dark Mode will be activated immediately and the Bing Chat interface will look like as shown below

BIng Chat Dark Mode

The addition of Dark Mode in Bing Chat will be useful for students and those who would like to work on the system for a long time. The Bing Chatr is powered by GPT-4 and produces great results when compared to its competitors. Going forward, we expect more improvements to the Bing Chat.

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