X Will Introduce Voice and Video Calls sans Phone Numbers, CEO Linda Yaccarino Confirms

Linda Yaccarino

Under the ongoing evolution of Twitter into X, CEO Linda Yaccarino has confirmed an upcoming refinement that will allow platform users to engage in audio and video calls without the need to share their phone numbers. In a discussion with CNBC, Linda disclosed that users will soon have the capability to make calls directly within the Direct Message (DM) interface.

In a related development, Andrea Conway, a design engineer at X, has unveiled an image showcasing the new DM menu (Now deleted), which prominently features an option for initiating voice and video calls. Notably, the video calling feature is positioned at the upper right corner of X’s DM menu, adopting a familiar appearance akin to many other platforms.

Linda has emphasized that, in contrast to some other platforms such as WhatsApp, X will not compel its users to disclose their phone numbers in order to initiate voice or video calls. To ensure a positive user experience, X will also be implementing specific measures to thwart spam calls.

X is currently in the final phases of testing its integrated video and voice calling functionality, with the anticipated launch expected within the next few weeks. In line with X’s customary approach to new features, certain restrictions may be imposed on unverified users. If you had purchased verified subscription, then you will have access to the complete features.

Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the platform has undergone a series of significant changes, culminating in the rebranding as X. These transformations include the introduction of features like articles and extended videos. Notably, X has empowered users to monetize their content, offering them the potential to earn up to 97% of the generated revenue.

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Similarly, the platform has enforced several limitations on non-paying users, encompassing constraints on the volume of DMs and daily tweets. These measures have been implemented to counter data scraping and safeguard against manipulation of the system.

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