Google Bard Gets Better With Google Apps and Services Integration

Google Bard Updates

Google Bard has received a fresh lease of life with Google apps and services integration. The Generative AI platform also includes enhancements such as double-checking Bard’s responses and build of shared conversations. Moreover, Google Bard can now scrap content from YouTube and Gmail. You will be able to easily locate a particular e-mail.

The main advantage of Google Bard is its ability to customize responses based on your requirements. You can request Bard to start a trip-planning document or draft your online marketplace listing. You can also ask Bard to provide explanation about a particular topic for your kids. Google Bard has integrated Google apps and services for tailored responses. The Ai chatbot has added Google it functionality using which you can double-check the generated answers.

Google has announced the launch of Bard Extensions in English, which is a new way to interact and collaborate with Bard. You can fetch information from Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Maps, Google Flights, Google Hotels, and YouTube. For instance, if you would like to fetch an e-mail containing a particular photo, Bard can drill deep into your Gmail inbox and provide adequate information. The chatbot displays the titles and also the links to the relevant emails. We tested this functionality and it worked perfectly. You can also ask Bard to locate resume titled August 2023 from My Drive and summarize it to a short paragraph personal statement.

Google revealed that they are committed to protect your personal information. The content generated from Gmail, Docs, and Drive will not be visible to human reviewers. The company will not use the AI chatbot to display ads or to train the Bard model. You can deactivate extensions when you want.

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The latest Google Bard update also includes a Google it module using which you can double-check responses and build on shared conversations. The Bard AI engine will read the response and assess whether there is any additional content available on the web to substantiate the original piece. The new content can be located via highlighted phrases. You can also continue with the Bard chat by clicking on a publc link.

Google also provided an ability to upload images with Lens and get search images in responses with support for 40 languages. Google diasclosed that they are able to introduce these new updates because of the PaLM 2 model. The company has deployed state of the art reinforcement learning techniques to train the language model.

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