Unveiling Indus Appstore: PhonePe’s Bold Step in the App Ecosystem

Indus Appstore

PhonePe, a prominent player in the realm of digital payments, has unveiled the ‘Indus Appstore Developer Platform.’ This strategic move beckons Android app developers to upload and showcase their apps on this soon-to-be-launched platform.

What sets this store apart is its commitment to delivering a ‘localized experience’ in 12 languages, meticulously tailored to cater to the discerning Indian audience. It’s noteworthy that app listing will be complimentary for the inaugural year, thereafter transitioning to a “modest annual fee” for developers. Furthermore, the Appstore boldly eschews any platform charges or commissions for in-app payments.

In their official statement, PhonePe emphasized that developers will retain the autonomy to integrate their preferred payment gateways seamlessly into their apps. This initiative opens up a novel avenue for diversifying developers’ offerings in the ever-evolving Indian Android market.

The app marketplace promises to be a hub of “multilingual app discovery.” To promote the visibility and discoverability of new apps, the Indus store will feature a dedicated section known as ‘Launch Pad.’ Additional perks include round-the-clock customer support, support for hosting apps in 12 languages, besides English, and the inclusion of engaging video content for developers.

An innovative feature is the option to log in via a phone number, eliminating the need for an email ID to access the app store. Developers will have access to a spectrum of support channels, including chatbot assistance, email support, and dedicated account managers to swiftly address their concerns. Moreover, developers can now roll out updates to their apps selectively to a targeted user group. Additionally, the app’s performance metrics will be closely monitored through AI analytics upon the release of a new app build.

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Akash Dongre, Co-Founder and CPO of Indus Appstore, articulated the significance of this endeavor, saying, “Despite the vast consumer market, app developers have been limited to a single app store – Google Playstore – for distributing their creations. Indus Appstore aspires to offer app developers a credible alternative to Google Play Store, one that is rooted in localization, superior app discovery, and heightened consumer engagement.”

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