How to Generate AI Images in Google Search Easily?

Google Search Labs

Google Search is under constant upgradation with new AI-centric features. It’s now possible to generate AI images directly from within Google Search without navigating to other URLs. Microsoft has already launched AI image generation with Bing Image Creator. Google Bard recently added an ability to generate prompts from images.

With the help of Search Generative Experience (SGE) feature, you will be able to generate images from text prompts free of cost directly via Google Search. You will have to pay if you make use of third-party tools like MidJourney. Google is currently experimenting with AI-enabled Search generative Experience (SGE) functionality.

Google Image Generation via Generative AI

The search engine giant launched its SGE feature in August 2023 with the ability to provide users with answers to queries directly on the search page. The company has now expanded the ability to integrate AI image generation. You will be able to create images with Generative AI by providing a text description in Google Search. You have to provide a suitable idea and the SGE engine will automatically provide up to four generated images in the search results. You can modify the prompt to refine your creative abilities.

Search Generative Experience Registration

To work with Google’s Search Generative Experience, you should first register by navigating to Google Search Labs page. As of this writing, SGE is available to US residents who are above 18 years old. Google has mandated age limit for privacy reasons.

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Search Generative Experience Steps

The next step is to navigate to Google and provide a prompt directly in the search box. You can provide prompts such as “draw an image of a boy reading a comic book.” The system will generate four unique images just like Bing Image Creator. If you select an image, you will see an expanded version of the query. You can easily edit the query by selecting the Edit button in the expanded image view. You can either modify or add additional details to the query in this step.

Downloading Images

You can download the images by selecting Export | Download. Additionally, there is a provision to save the image on Google Drive by navigating to Export | Google Drive. We expect Google to add Gmail export functionality where you can directly place the image inside Gmail for quick delivery of your email.

Points to note

You should carefully structure your query as a prompt. To activate Google’s AI image generator, the first word should be create, draw, make, and generate. You should take care not to use the tool for spreading fake news, hate, sexual and offensive social media content. Google has designed SGE in such a way that the system refuses to generate images in case the query is harmful.


When was the feature first launched?

SGE feature in August 2023

Is Search Generative Experience available globally?

As of this writing, Search Generative Experience (SGE) is available only to US residents who are above 18 years old. We expect the company to roll out this feature globally by the end of 2023. The product team intends to gather feedback before wide launch.

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Is it necessary to register anywhere to work with this feature?

Yes. You should register by navigating to Google Search Labs page.

Can I download the generated AI images?

Yes. You will be able to download the images. You can also export the images to Google Drive.

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