WhatsApp Enhances Security with Passkey Authentication

Passkey Authentication

WhatsApp has announced support for passkeys authentication in the stable channel. The feature replaces the SMS-delivered one-time password in the login process, making it much more secure. The Facebook-owned company announced passkey support in early August with beta testing late in September. The app enables users to make use of screen lock methods such as on-device fingerprint, face unlock, PIN, or swipe pattern to authenticate themselves. The cryptographic key is automatically stored in Google Password Manager.

The passwordless login system saves considerable time when configuring WhatsApp on a new phone. The company has released a detailed explanation about the new technology and the benefits of passkeys authentication in securing your account. The WhatsApp passkeys should not be integrated with in-app utilities such as WhatsApp chat lock. This is because they still rely on biometric authentication.

According to WhatsApp, the passwords for conventional user authentication will be available despite passkeys introduction. It’s up to the users to decide whether they should adopt conventional passwords or passkeys. The Menlo Park company is yet to reveal whether the feature will be immediately available globally. The tech Analysts feel that the passkey support will be rolled out gradually in the stable channel just like other WhatsApp features. The company is committed to protecting the privacy and security of users.

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