Microsoft Copilot Android app now available: Check out how it works

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft recently released Copilot Android app silently. Microsoft Copilot app was made available on Google Play Store but it was noticed only after 10 days by Windows Insider enthusiasts. Microsoft Copilot is your everyday AI companion using which you can ask queries via prompts, create images, and compose content including rewriting content from web pages and blogs. In this article, we will examine the working of the Microsoft Copilot Android app.


To work with Microsoft Copilot Android app, you should install from Google Play Store. The installation process takes few minutes depending upon your network speed and device configuration. You can work with the app just like any other Android app.

Working with Microsoft Copilot Android app

To work with Microsoft Copilot Android app, you should select Open button after the completion of the installation process.

open image

You will now view Copilot splash screen and a screen as shown below.


You will have to provide the required permissions to enable Copilot to access the device location.

Microsoft Copilot will display a screen as shown below. You will be able to make use of the default prompts using which you can get start with the Copilot app.

If you enable GPT-4 from the Microsoft Copilot Android app, you will view a screen as shown below.

You can also provide your prompt by tapping the keyboard located on the extreme right side. You can also provide prompts by tapping the Voice icon located in the middle of the Microsoft Copilot Android app dashboard. You can also capture a photo and ask Copilot to provide appropriate captions for your social media consumption.

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Microsoft Copilot greatly simplifies the productivity of users to a great extent. You can ask queries, write content, poems, and much more. The Copilot also creates pictures based on prompts and also delivers captions based on the uploaded images. Microsoft Copilot Android app also provides support for GPT-4 technology. You can also create songs via Microsoft Copilot via Suno. The possibilities are endless. It’s up to you to decide the ways to make use of the Microsoft Copilot Android app effectively and responsibly.

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