CES 2024: Intel Unveils Cutting-Edge Processors Tailored for Gamers and Creators

Intel Processor

Intel has announced the launch of cutting-edge processors exclusively for gamers, creators, and professionals. The new processors are mainly oriented for those people who make use of Windows 11-loaded desktop PCs. The newly launched processors are Intel Core 14th Gen HX-series, Intel Core U mobile CPU series 1, and Intel Core 14th Gen desktop.

Intel Core 14th Gen HX Series

The Intel Core 14th Gen HX-series cutting-edge processors are designed for gamers, content creators, and IT professionals. The CPUs are oriented for those people who require the highest levels of compute performance even under extreme load conditions. The Intel Core i9-14900HX features 8 performance cores coupled with 16 efficient cores, which is 50% more than the previous counterparts.

This series is capable of delivering up to 17% enhanced gaming performance and up to 51% improved multitasking with the help of the 5.8GHz turbo frequency. Intel revealed that they are in talks with manufacturers to unveil more than 60 systems powered by Intel Core 14th Gen HX-series processors.

Intel Core U Mobile Processor Series

The Intel Core U mobile processor Series 1 range is mainly oriented for PC users who demand thin and light laptops. The laptops manufactured using the processor provide an efficient and balanced performance. The Intel Core 7 150U processor delivers up to 5.4GHz turbo frequency paired with 10 cores and 12 threads. Moreover, the processor also provides support for Thunderbolt 4 and up to 96GB DDR5-5200/DDr4-3200 MT/s memory. The technology enables 40Gbps bandwidth connectivity to multiple 4K monitors and accessories.

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Intel has expanded the flagship Intel Core 14th Gen desktop for an immersive Windows 11 user experience. The addition of 18 new processors is a step in the right direction to fulfill the demanding tasks. The 5.8GHz turbo frequency delivers up to 7% enhanced all-round performance with up to 37% improved multi-thread performance when compared with the previous counterparts.

The processors also provide support for up to 192GB DDR5-5600/DDR4-32100 MT/S memory. Moreover, the new CPUs are backward compatible with existing Intel 600 and 700 series motherboards. The newly launched processors are capable of handling powerful AI and computing-intensive workloads. This includes interactive whiteboards in school classrooms medical imaging displays, automation, and robotics.

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