Windows 11 Gets Better With Widgets Board & Richer Weather Experience

Windows 11

Microsoft has announced the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26058 to the Canary and Dev Channel Insiders. The ISOs for the build are also been made available. The Canary Channel Windows Insiders will receive Build 26058.1000, while Dev Channel Insiders will start working with Build 26058.1100. You might have noticed the same build numbers for the Canary and Dev channels and it’s only temporary. You can now switch over to the Dev Channel from the Canary Channel during this change window. Microsoft revealed that the swap window will close when the Canary Channel build jumps to higher build numbers.

Pointer Indicator

The Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26058 has introduced a pointer indicator, which is a new accessibility setting for visually challenged users. The company adds that low-vision Windows users will benefit from this feature. If you have a low vision, then you will be able to easily locate and make use of the cursor. This will not only enhance productivity but also efficiency while working on a Windows device. You need to navigate to Settings | Accessibility | Mouse pointer to activate the Pointer indicator setting.

Widgets board

Microsoft has upgraded the Widgets board user experience. There will be more space for your favorite widgets. Moreover, they stay on top of the current events with a live feed using which you can discover the world. You can switch between dedicated widgets dashboard and other integrated dashboards with the help of the new navigation bar located on the left side. As of this writing, Microsoft has stopped the Widgets feature rollout but will be made available again after resolving bugs.

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The Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26058 has started to push a new badging experience for Widgets. Windows 11 will notify when you miss an important notification on your Taskbar via Widgets badges.

Richer Weather Experience

Microsoft has introduced a richer weather experience on your lock screen if you are part of the Canary Channel. This includes the addition of dynamic and interactive weather updates. You will be able to view additional information if you hover over the weather experience on your lock screen.

Microsoft Edge displays the complete forecast in MSN Weather when you tap or click on the weather card. The new user experience will be available by default if you have already enabled Weather by navigating to Settings | Personalization | Lock screen | Lock screen status. Microsoft has started to roll out this feature to EN-US users only. The company will push the feature to global users based on community feedback.

Changes and Improvements

The Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26058 has introduced several changes and improvements The WIN+CTRL+S keyboard shortcut combination will now open voice access instead of Windows Speech Recognition. Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 has transitioned from WSR to voice access.

Windows 11 has added labels to unlabeled properties such as cut, copy, paste, rename, share, and delete to enable users to easily work with the File Explorer context menu. The Command Prompt will now verify the changes to the PATH and update the current session when you run winget. You just need to add the package manager .exe name to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor\KnownPackageManagers.

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This flight has resolved an issue that caused black screen to display after the installation of the Build 26040 when you wake the PC from sleep. The flight has resolved an issue where all the optional features were tagged as 0 bytes in the previous flight. If the focus sessions continued to run the notification center after they had ended, then the issue has been fixed. If the Windows Sandbox could not be initialized, then the issue has been resolved.

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