Windows Photos on Windows 10 Gets AI Boost

Windows Photos on Windows 10

Microsoft has added Generative erase functionality to Windows Photos on Windows 10. In addition to Generative erase, Windows Photos also gets better with AI edit features such as Blur background, Remove and Replace background. The features are also available for Arm64 devices and Windows 10. This Windows Photos on Windows 10 update has started to roll out to Windows Insiders in all channels. This includes Windows Insiders on Windows 10 in the Release Preview Channel. You should update Photos app to version number 2024.11020.21001.0 or higher.

Microsoft’s Spot Fix tool has received a boost via AI and is now called as Generative erase in the app. This functionality enables you to fix and remove distractions from your photos such as background objects or miscellaneous visual clutter. The Generative erase creates a seamless and realistic result after erasing objects from the photo. This happens even when erasing large areas.

To work with Generative erase, navigate to Edit Image and select the Erase option. You just need to brush over the objects or areas you would like to remove. You can also adjust the brush size in case you would like to get the right level of precision. You can disable Auto Apply to add or remove masks either for finer control or removal of multiple objects simultaneously.

Microsoft has provided value added bonus to Windows 10 users by providing them with all the AI editing functionalities. You should note that some of the features such as Blur Background, Remove/Replace background, and generative erase were made available only on Windows 11. Microsoft also addressed various stability fixes and enhancements.

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