12 tips to boost battery life of your Android Smartphone

Elephone S8

Nowadays, many people make use of Android smartphones for daily use, gaming and other purposes. However, the Android handsets consume plenty of battery life on the background. If you are frequently charging your Android smartphone, then you need to follow this article to boost not only the battery life but also the performance.

As a first step, you need to dump unnecessary home screen widgets. If you are travelling to an area with feeble cellular coverage, you need to switch your smartphone to Airplane mode. If you long press the power button, you will be able to view several options. The best way to reduce battery wastage in Android phone is to shut down vibration.

You should note that the app killers will suck battery life instead of conserving it. To maximize the battery life, you should reduce email, Twitter and Facebook polling. Moreover, you need to deactivate unnecessary hardware radios such as GPS, NFC, Bluetooth and 4G LTE.

Brightness plays a key role in the functioning of Android smartphone. Hence, you should reduce the brightness to a minimum level to save battery including deactivating automatic brightness. Nowadays, smartphones ships with reading mode, which will save battery life by substantially reducing the battery life.

To boost the performance of your Android smartphone, you need to keep a close watch on apps that make use of data in the background.

Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are crazy since they have implemented live wallpaper feature. If you activate this feature, the wallpaper will be loaded from the save. This will ultimately reduce your battery level to a large extent. In addition to cancelling data roaming functionality, you should make use of a phone with enhanced processor.

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Going forward, to further enhance the battery life of your Android smartphone, you need to make use of a smartphone with Helio X27 processor. Are you wondering which phone will have this processor? It’s none other than Elephone S8.

The MTK Helio X27 processor integrated with Elephone S8 will provide support for the MiraVision EnergySmart Screen technology. It is exclusively designed to reduce energy consumption on smartphone displays.

According to MediaTek, the processor offers a 25% reduction in overall display energy consumption when compared to other methods. In a statement released to the press, Elephone revealed that the upcoming Elephone S8 will be the world’s third smartphone to ship with edgeless display.

We hope you will make use of the above mentioned tips to boost the battery life of your Android smartphone. We can confirm that if you follow the tips you will be able to tap full potential from your Android handset.

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