Flipkart Big Billion Days Game – Real or Fake

As part of the Flipkart big billion days scheduled to be held from May 25 to 27, Flipkart is currently running a game, captioned “The Big Shopping Days Game”.

Programmed to run twice every hour, you will be able to get more chances by inviting friends and perform other tasks. We got 3 chances since invited a friend.

The aim revolves around a snake and ladder coupled with a large dice located on the bottom. You have to press the dice once and the smily ball moves. If it stops at a snake, it will go down. You have to again hit the dice to climb up.

The catch is that if you manage to hit a square where the prize is displayed you will get that prize. However, you have to pay some amount to procure the product. Once you finished the required number of attempts, you have to wait till the next refill time.

Flipkart Big Billion Days Game

We verified the Facebook page of Flipkart and noticed that several people posted messages that the game is fake. The game can be real or fake. We don’t know. We only managed to won 3 vouchers – Pizza, PVR Tickets and one Rs. 100 voucher applicable for orders above Rs. 1000, which we got while landed at a surprise square.

The ball never stops at the location where the prize is placed. We feel that the game is programmedin such a way to never stop at a square with prize.

We will continue to play till end of the game and post results. You will get something in the first few chances. But after you will not be able to get anything.

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