TUDIA Klip Review: An Excellent way to protect your Apple charging cable

Charging cables are prone to damages especially in the slot where you connect to the relevant device. If you continuously use the cable it will break within six months of usage. You will not be able to use the damaged cable for charging again. Hence, you should find a way to prevent damages by making effective use of TUDIA Klip.

What is TUDIA Klip?

TUDIA Klip enables you to cover the sensitive area where the charging cable meets the charging plug on the device. Compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, the TUDIA Klip prevents the charging cable from bending.

Tudia Klip

Tudia Klip


Manufactured using a silicone base and a polycarbonate clip, TUDIA Klip can be used only with the original Apple Lightning to USB, Apple 30-pin to USB cords and Apple Watch Cable. The Klip easily connects to your charging cable in seconds. Moreover, the risk of fraying and breaking reduces by 80 percent.

The weight of the cable is only 0.08 oz (2.2 grams), which enables you to easily handle the klip. Moreover, the TUDIA Klip will not add burden to your charging cable. In fact, you will not feel that you are using a special Klip to protect your charging cable.

Tudia Klip

The TUDIA Klip easily locks in to ensure that it stays intact. Even though the size of the Klip is small, the TUDIA Klip extends the durability and life of your charging cable to a great extent. Moreover, you will be able to stay connected with the device without any worry for causing damage to your valuable original Apple cable.

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If you make use of TUDIA Klip, you will not only be able to preserve the original condition of your Apple Lightning or 30-pin cable but also need not have to buy a new cable separately. This Klip will be very useful for Apple users in countries like India, where there is shortage of original Apple spares. Hence, if the customers make use of the Klip then their original cable will not be damaged.


To work with TUDIA Klip, you need to slide the klip over the sensitive area where the charging cable meets the charging plug. You ten have to use the clip to secure the Klip into the cable. That’s it. Your original Apple cable is now reinforced and will be protected from damages and fraying.

Tudia Klip

We noticed that the Klips are very soft and doesn’t have any hard material. Hence, your original Apple cable will not be damaged.

The vendor has included the instructions along with pictures. However, it would be great of the vendor provides the instruction details in big font so that customers will be able to read the content without any difficulty.


TUDIA Klip is available in Grey, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green color variants with two pieces per pack. You can use on Klip for each end of the cable.

Tudia Klip

Priced at $7.01, TUDIA Klip is exclusively available on Amazon.com and Amazon India. You can also buy a set of all five color combinations for $20.99.


For less than $10, you can easily protect your charging cable instead of purchasing a new cable. From our point of view, TUDIA Klip will be an excellent investment for your valuable original Apple Lightning connector cable.

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