How To Install MIUI 9 On Redmi Smartphones?


Xiaomi recently released MIUI 9 for all smartphones and tablets. The Lei Jun-owned company also released the MIUI 9 update even for smartphones released four years back such as the first generation Redmi Note 4G. We are currently using the first generation Redmi Note and attempted to install the MIUI 9 update.

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Step 1

You should navigate to and locate the device. For example, if your smartphone is Redmi Note 4G, then you should scroll down and locate the device named “Redmi Note“. You should select “Redmi Note 4G Single SIM Global” as the option as shown below


Select Download Full ROM green colored button. The capacity of the file is 489MB and hence it will take few minutes to download depending upon the Internet connectivity. You should add the downloaded file to a recognizable folder on your computer.

Step 2

Connect your Redmi Note 4G to your laptop via the USB cable. Copy the downloaded update package to the downloaded_rom folder.

MIUI download folder

Step 3

Navigate to Tools | Updater icon.

MIUI updater

If you select the Updater option, you will sometimes view update notification of older MIUI versions. You should ignore if you are able to view update MIUI 8 or earlier versions. We are now going to install MIUI 9, which is the brand new software.

MIUI old
Ignore this message during installation

You should tap on the three dots placed vertically. You will view several options as shown below. The MIUI 9 installation will automatically start by selecting the option “Choose update package” option.

MIUI installation

You should select the relevant MIUI installation file name and the system will perform the installation process. We installed the update within few minutes because the update package has already been downloaded. The smartphone will reboot and will display the home screen after the successful completion of the installation.

Even though the software is MIUI 9, the base Android operating platform is still based on Android KitKat. You will view minor changes the icons and other user interface elements.

The installation process is same for other Xiaomi devices. You should make sure to download the global version of the device you are working with from the MIUI downloads center. We recommend you to install stable version. The company will push updates once in a while and you can easily install them by tapping the notifications.

Before proceeding to install the update, it is necessary to free up atleast 1GB of storage space and also charge the device up to 100 percent. The Redmi Note 4G is equipped with only 8GB storage and you should backup images and videos and delete them to accommodate MIUI 9.

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