VidClipper Review: Ambitious Video Management Tool With Flaws


Videos are becoming new normal. Hence, you need to install a tool that can manage the generated video effectively. VidClipper is here to your rescue because the app includes plenty of tools for various purposes. We recently stumbled upon VidClipper via and have been working with the app. Does VidClipper serve any real purpose? Let’s examine the working of VidClipper in detail.


You can install VidClipper easily by downloading the relevant installer and providing the license key. The company often provides free license for one year via, which is sufficient to test the capabilities.

Working with VidClipper

To work with VidClipper, you should open the app by double-clicking on the desktop icon. You will view a dashboard as shown below


VidClipper includes several tools such as Screen recorder, Video Splitter, Video merger, Video converter, watermark remover, watermark addition, and video cutting. Moreover, the app also ships with Text to Audio using which you can convert the text to audio easily.

Working with Screen Recorder

To record the screen, you should select Screen Recorder icon from the Tools section. The app will load after a short display of a splash screen and a dashboard as shown below will be displayed.


You can select region, audio, format, and quality parameters. The app also includes a handy drawing tool using which you can draw on the screen during screen recording. You can also activate webcam by selecting the appropriate camera. If you select Drawing Tools option, you will view a brush tool set on the left side as shown below.

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However, we are unable to use the brush tools during video recording. This is because if you select the checkbox, the Start button will not be activated for recording. You will not be able to activate Recording via keyboard shortcut as well. The brush option tooltips are displayed in Chinese instead of English. We are unable to know the real purpose behind the drawing tool when you can’t use them. We hope the company will resolve these issues in the next version.

With the help of Video Splitter, you can split a long video easily. You have to add the video to the dashboard and provide the time span and screen cropping parameters.


You can also merge multiple videos into one single video with the help of video splitter module. You just need to add the video files that need to be merged and start the Export process.

Working with Video Templates

VidClipper includes attractive video templates. As of this writing, there are only 18 video templates.


You have to select each template, edit the content and export the video. However, we are unable to find any option or placeholders to edit the text on the video. You will not find templates for all occasions.


We are unable to understand the purpose of including templates, which cannot be edited. You can make use of Video Converter to convert video files from one format to another. You can select the video format by selecting All settings button.


The relevant video will be converted to a specific format upon selecting Convert now button.

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Working with Text to Audio

VidClipper provides text to Audio module using which you can convert content to audio. However, the module only provides support for the Chinese language. This is disappointing because videos should include audio and you will not be able to work with this functionality because of the absence of English language support.

You will view a dashboard as shown below upon selecting Text to Audio module.


You have to provide content and select Voice button to pick a suitable voice as per your requirements.


As you can see, the app only provides Chinese language support, and not possible for us to work with the module. We are also unable to work with BGM option. The idea is to provide background audio along with a suitable voice.

Convert Video to GIF

VidClipper provides the ability to convert videos to GIFs. You have to add files or folders via the dashboard as shown below.


You can modify FPS, Speed, and Quality by selecting Settings button. You should select Convert now button if you are satisfied with the settings.


The time required to complete the conversion depends upon the capacity of the source file. We are unable to play the final output and the app hangs.


Even though VidClipper includes all the required modules for the management of videos, the software is buggy. The display of options in Chinese and the non-inclusion of English language support in Text to Audio module is a disadvantage. We expect the product team to release English language support soon. The app loads very slow as well. There are plenty of free video editing and video converter tools, which we reviewed previously. You can grab this product if you got it free via and play with all the modules. The company is offering a money-back guarantee for paid customers. We will recommend VidClipper if the company provides support for English voices and fixes the bugs. The product team should also provide English tooltips instead of Chinese. We don’t know if there is English TTS included because of the language problem.

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Easy to install


    Plenty of modules


      Limited templates


        TTS voice in Chinese


          Loads slow


            Crashes once in a while



              • Simple to install
              • Several features
              • Ability to convert text to voice
              • Basic user interface


              • Chinese tooltips and fonts
              • Recorder buggy after enabling drawing tools
              • Slow loading
              • Crashes

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